Top 20 Best Selling Dogs Flea Combs Flea, Lice & Tick Control (2022)

The Safari Flea Comb is specifically designed with two rows of closely spaced teeth to effectively remove fleas and nits from your pet's coat. Also great for lifting out dust and debris. ... more info

The Grip Soft Flea Comb is a comfortable ergonomically designed comb with metal teeth placed tightly together to pick up fleas in even the most dense coats. JW combs are specially designed with the teeth turned 90 degrees away from the skin to keep the te ... more info

Vo-Toys Flea Comb Neon 2 per PackDesigned with superfine tooth spacing to trap fleas and flea eggs. After combing, should then dispatch by dipping the comb in soapy water. Plastic teeth are gently on your pet's coat. Light color allows for easy detection. ... more info

The Grip Soft Flea Comb Small is a small comb with finger fitting contours to increase control and comfort. The row of tiny tight teeth give the user the ability to lift out fleas and their eggs out of any type of coat. The entire Small Flea Comb fits int ... more info

This unique, patented comb works by detecting and killing the adult fleas found on many cats, kittens, short hair dogs and puppies. Fleas are killed on contact as you comb your pet. The Flea Zapper Electronic Comb emits a low electronic charge that is har ... more info

DESIGNED FOR SMALL PETS The flea comb from Ebelyn is designed with pets of smaller sizes in mind, such as cats, kittens, puppies, small dogs and small animals. It is easy to use and a good companion to pet owners whose pets are suffering from an ongoing ... more info

The SENTRY Dog Flea Comb helps to eliminate fleas and flea eggs. It also removes fine debris and dust while combing through your dog's hair. The SENTRY Dog Flea Comb includes an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip. ... more info

The Evolution flea comb helps detect fleas and their eggs in the early stages. The rotating teeth easily pull through the coat to remove loose hair without damaging the coat. ... more info

The Safari flea comb helps detect fleas or dry flaky skin in the early stages. The extended, wooden handle flea comb also helps to remove nits and other debris from your pet. ... more info

Epilady EP-401-20 Flea Zapper electric flea comb. The SAFEST flea killer. Non-toxic and pesticide free. Detect and destroy fleas. Detects Fleas- Just comb through your pet's hair. Destroys fleas on contact. No chemicals / non-toxic. No mess, no gels, no o ... more info

Safari flea comb with a double row of teeth. Effectively removes fleas, nits and debris from both short and long hair. ... more info

This comb with 9/16 in. teeth spaced 33 to an inch, is imported from England. Regular combing with this professional quality comb will help keep your pets coat free from flea infestation. Comb the entire coat thoroughly to find and remove fleas, eggs, and ... more info

Epilady Ep40120 Flea Zapper Electric Flea Comb Pets CompactProduct Features Detects Fleas- Just comb through your pet's hair Destroys Fleas on Contact No Chemicals / Non-Toxic No Mess, No Gels, No Oils Reusable and Economical Product Description聽Epilady E ... more info

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