Top 20 Best Selling Diving & Snorkeling Safety Gear (2022)

Looking For a Swim Cap? Here's Why Swim Culture's Silicone Swim Cap Is The Only One You'll Ever Need What Makes Swim Culture's Swim Caps Different from the Rest? - Keep your hair dry and protected from contaminated water or chlorine with our classic size ... more info

Aqua Sphere Stationary Swimmer turns any backyard pool into a lap pool. Comfortable Neoprene straps with Velcro closures connect to your feet and ankles to allow you perpetually swim in a fixed position. Super flexible elastic bands allow for full kicking ... more info

Guaranteed to go Through Water, Snow or Mud - or we Pull the Plug! The Best Swim Caps to Improve and Protect - One size fits all with a black stylish design - Long lasting and durable, using premium quality 100% silicone materials - Highly elastic making ... more info

Being a safe diver is important more and more people are boating each year and there is increased watercraft traffic in our favorite dive sites. This two piece 5 ft. Standard Float (with Flag) has a lead weighted bottom to avoid inverting while in use. Th ... more info

The Seascooter RS Series delivers the next generation underwater vehicle with a host of standard features for the most convenient and lightweight thrill-ride yet. All you have to do now is just get out there. SEASCOOTER RS SERIES Active depth: 50m / 160ft ... more info

Diver's Underwater Writing Slate for Snorkeling, Scuba Diving to Tell your dive buddy what you are seeing by simply writing on the face of this easy to use underwater communication device. Great item for communicating underwater, especially for trainers. ... more info

* Nylon heat sealed material * 4ft. long * Oral snorkel vest inflator * Binding taped trim * Reflective Tape on Top of Sausage * D-Ring On top of Sausage to attach Light for night * Hook and loop closure * Snap hook * Colors: Orange * Brass inflator with ... more info

Don't be left on the beach with a missing or broken O-Ring with this must have mini set! Features include: Trident quality Contains 10 popular size rubber o-rings For your tank valve, hp and lp air hoses Brass pick for easy removal of old rings Com ... more info

Invented by Dr. Howard Wright in 1988, the Storm Safety Whistle has saved over a dozen lives with its piercing, 130 decibel sound. Used by scuba divers, law enforcement, and countless safety personnel, the Storm whistle can be heard over a half mile on la ... more info

This kit includes all the essentials for your watercraft. 50 feet (15 meter) of buoyant heaving line, bailer, whistle and watertight flashlight. ... more info

Surface Marker Buoy Tube (SMB) with Whistle, Manual Inflator & Reflector Tape. 4 FT. ... more info

Strong and Corrosion Resistant ABS Construction Line Holder. Double end Brass Clip. A Must for Cave or Wreck Diving, but Can Use for Safety Dive Marker or Dive Float Flag ... more info

The High Tech Lithium-Ion Powered Bladefish looks like a Jet Engine, generating much more Power than Comparable Devices, and can be Recharged-in-a-Fraction of the Time. It can be Easily-Stowed in Luggage as it is much smaller than its Predecessors and is ... more info

Point out coral formations, diving hazards, or just a really interesting sea creature...all with keeping your hand a safe distance away. This tool is perfect for guiding and communication with other divers. ... more info

An easy-to-use, self-contained dive camera.... The large LCD of the ReefMaster makes for easy on-camera viewing, and the bold-red rubber grip and widespread controls allow for easy underwater handling. Additionally, the onscreen Easy Setup Guide ensures ... more info

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