Top 20 Best Selling Diving & Snorkeling Reels (2022)

DuPont fiber braid line provides strength and minimizes fraying. Orange Dacron line does not stretch, keeping tension firm. Uses #24 braid line giving 220-lbs of breakage strength. Injection molded polycarbonate spools resist breakage and crac ... more info

This reel has a superior design feature geared to the experienced diver who can't be bothered with free spooling line baskets and tangled line. This reel incorporates a unique anti-fouling system, line wiper, snagfree contoured design, and spool lock. In ... more info

The Manta is a powerful and versatile new SCUBA and Free-Diving Sports watch, cementing our reputation as the leader in specialty dive watches. A unique combination of quality, function and style, the Manta Wristwatch is perfect on its own or as a backup ... more info

If you want to shoot big fish you need a reel. A large fish can pull your spear gun right out of your hand when it gets shot. The fish will begin to sound and when it does the fishes strength can take you for a ride. If you are not on Scuba this could bec ... more info

Super strong, very low stretch and extreme cut and abraison resistance. Perfect for speargun reel line , camping , accessory cord, kites and many other applications where strength and toughness are essential. Warning: Not for use where failure could resu ... more info

Scubapro's Finger Reels are most often used as a gap reel or for short distance exploration. Small and low-profile, a Finger (Spool) Reel fits nicely out of the way in a pocket or clipped off to a D-ring. The holes in the side allow for clipping in a doub ... more info

This brand new embroidered patch makes an incredible souvenir for any Scuba Diver who has done a wreck dive. Heat-seal backing allows buyer to iron this patch onto virtually any fabric. ... more info

Replacement Battery and O-ring for the Mares Puck Scuba Diving Computer ... more info

1000 denier ballistic nylon fabric is tear and abrasion resistant. Internal 36-inch long (92 cm) lanyard to securely attach tools. Length is adjustable. Heavy duty zipper creates a large opening to fit hands wearing gloves. Two-inch (50 mm) nylon webbing ... more info

Finger spools are essential for Technical Divers, but can also be used by any diver who wants to mark an underwater any reason. Whether you are mapping a cave, performing search and recovery, or setting research grids, finger spools can come in handy. Com ... more info

Technologically advanced, yet elegantly simple. The AERIS A SERIES line of dive computers is poised to set a new design standard. The A300 is a sophisticated yet basic dive computer in a small, ergonomic wrist or console unit; packed with advanced fe ... more info

*High reliability reels include tensioner to keep reel from free spooling *Sizes: 150 foot and 270 foot * FULL MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY *SCUBA diving equipment ... more info

Crafted of 16 gauge 304L stainless steel for durability in marine-grade environments. TIG welded and then electro-polished. Compact with a narrow footprint as compared to similar plastic spools. Smooth edges provide comfort and an easily-held ... more info

The A300 CS project started with a desire to create an experience that was simpler, more useful, and more enjoyable -- while building on the things people already love about AERIS Dive Computers. It has a completely new structure, applied across the whol ... more info

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