Top 20 Best Selling Diving & Snorkeling Diving Valves (2020)

Features include: Zippered case measures about 8 x 4 1/2 1 x knife, 2 x 6 adjustable spanner, 1 x 5 long nose pliers, 4 x cable tie, 1 x awl, 1 x 1/4 drive, 2 x 1/4 sockets: 4mm & 4.5mm, x2 allen key: 3mm& 6mm, x7 assorted screwdriver bits, 1 x 1/4 adapte ... more info

A Burst Disc is part of the valve on a scuba tank or paintball tank. Burst Discs exist simply to burst and relieve the pressure when the pressure in a tank exceeds the tank's safe limits. If your burst disc pops or ruptures, we can send you a new one. Typ ... more info

If you work on dive gear you know the importance of having the correct O-rings. Many of the O-rings used on cylinders, valves and regulator hoses are pretty much generic. Having a large selection of common O-rings is a must for the serious repair technici ... more info

Adapter connects to 3/8 port on 1st stage scuba regulator and converts to 1/4 NPT Female fitting ... more info

Oxygen Compatible.... The Hollis Modular Twin Manifold combines two of the Hollis modular tank valves using an isolator for a larger gas supply. ... more info

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