Top 20 Best Selling Diving & Snorkeling Diving Tanks (2020)

The O2 QuickstickTM is the first Diver Friendly oxygen analyzer available anywhere! Easy to use effective and amazingly affordable! The O2 QuickstickTM is designed for the Nitrox diver who wants the security and convenience of having his own O2 analyzer a ... more info

The S-80 cylinder is the most popular size of aluminum dive cylinder. Every Cyl-Tec S-80 cylinder is produced from high strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6, manufactured in accordance with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) 3AL and Transport Canada (TC) ... more info

13 cu ft. - Pressure: 3000 PSI - Length: 15.8 with valve attached - Diameter: 4.38 - Weight with valve: 5.7 lbs - Buoyancy full: -1.7 lbs; Buoyancy empty: -1.0 lbs; Sherwood Valve model #5000K-48 - High visibility yellow makes it easy to locate - Atta ... more info

This is a fantastic kit from Trident to repair any variety of dive items! Features include: Trident Brand, Deluxe Save A Dive Kit, Contains 40 various pieces in a plastic case, Also contains 1/4 oz. container of silicone lube, Great for your tank valve ... more info

Steel Cylinders are Heavy and Cumbersome to carry, but the Air Capacity and Buoyancy Characteristics are very desirable for the serious diver. Being able to easily transport these cylinders is a plus. XS Scuba's Steel Cylinder Carry Handle can make transp ... more info

Features of this wonderful tank include: Sherwood Quality - Manufacturing Process: Built from Chromium Molybdenum steel plates. Utilizes the spun process. This process yields a cylinder with a very uniform wall thickness resulting in a lighter, more effic ... more info

40MM diamater for use with steel tank (fits neck of air tanks with outer diamater between 39mm and 41mm) circumference 122.5mm to 128.8mm43MM diamater for use with aluminum tank (fits neck of air tanks with outer diamater between 42mm and 44mm) circumfere ... more info

Wheeled SCUBA Tank Boot - Scuba Tank n Tow Made from polycarbonate and reinforced polypropylene with a stainless steel axle and hardware, this scuba tank boot allows you to roll your tank easily over sand, mud, parking lots, and pool sides. Features in ... more info

Sherwood Quality!!! Pressure (psi): 3300 psi. Diameter: 8 in. Weight: 46.2 lbs. Buoyancy Full (lbs): -7.8 lbs. Length Including Valve: 30.3 in. All cylinders include valves. Quality Dive Gear at Affordable Prices! ... more info

AUTHORIZED DEALER, FULL MANUFACTURER´S WARRANTY!!! Use this great high pressure spare tank when in any type of emergency situation. Make sure your next dive is a safe one with this great emergency tank. ... more info

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