Top 20 Best Selling Disc Repair Kits Cleaning & Repair (2021)

The SkipDR Classic disc repair system is a manual device that can fix minor scratches to CDs and DVDs. It can repair up to 25 discs using a patented FlexiWheel, and resurfacing fluid to smooth the surface of damaged discs. As well as handling standard opt ... more info

The JFJ Easy Pro machine will clean and resurface anything from a fingerprint to a deep gouge on the following type of discs: Music CDs, CD-ROMs, Sony PlayStation, PSone and PlayStation 2 game discs, Microsoft X-box game discs, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Game ... more info

Designed to work with SkipDr for DVD & CD as well as Classic, Deluxe and Premier versions of the SkipDr, GameDr, and DvdDr Disc Repair Systems ... more info

The best-selling, most trusted disc repair system in the US鈥or more than a decade ... more info

The Procare Professional Disc Cleaning & Repair Kit gives you the ability to remove smudges and fingerprints from your precious discs and restore and keep your important data or most precious memories. When unfortunate scratches occur, the PC-7189 will re ... more info

Kit includes: 2 - Easy Pro Buffing Pads, 1 - Easy Pro Solution #1 (blue) 4oz, 1 - Easy Pro Solution #2 (white) 4oz, 1 - Anti-Static Spray 1oz, 3 - Coarse Sandpaper, 3 - Soft Sandpaper, and 3 - Cleaning Cloth. ... more info

Specifications: Color: Black, blue Material: Plastic Total weight: 26g Package including: 1 * Suction cup 2 * Scrapers 2 * Picks 3 * Mini screwdrivers ... more info

We like the completeness of this kit, which includes a special disc to clean your disc reader's laser lens, a disc-cleaning and -repairing unit, liquid repair solution, and ten cleaning cloths. To repair a disc, put it in the cleaning and repairing unit, ... more info

Aleratec DVD/CD Disc Repair Plus 240131 uses a patented, motorized system that can repair and clean up to 99% of all scratched DVDs, CDs, game discs, VCDs, DVD+Rs, DVD-Rs, DVD+RWs, DVD-RWs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs and master discs. The Aleratec Disc Repair Kit Plus ... more info

The best-selling, most trusted disc repair system in the US鈥or more than a decade ... more info

To keep all of your discs running like new, use the Memorex Disc Repair CD/DVD Scratch Repair Kit. This kit can easily clean and repair all of your discs, ranging from music to movies to games so they can be up and running just like the day you bought. Pl ... more info

When a compact disc gets scratched, most people think it is ruined forever. A scratch on the surface of a CD is an optical problem, not a digital problem. When the laser in your player encounters a scratch, the refraction causes the laser to mistrack and ... more info

JFJ Easy Pro buffing pads, for the Easy Pro machine. ... more info

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