Top 20 Best Selling Direct Drive Turntables (2021)

Pitch Control: +/- 16%strobe Light Illumination Weighted Tone Arm Cartridge And Stylus Included Dust Cover Included Start/stop Button 33/45 Rpm Dimensions: 16.93''w X 4.73''h X 14.57''d 110/220 V Auto Switching ... more info

The Numark TT1625 is a direct-drive turntable featuring 10% pitch adjustment, 33 and 45 rpm speeds, an aluminum platter, rubber mat, S-shaped tone arm with headshell/chartridge/stylus, and dual start/stop controls. ... more info

The Reloop RP-7000 DJ Turntable is the solution for all vinyl DJs and DVS users who are looking for a professional high-torque, club-standard turntable with a strong motor and virtually indestructible construction. With its classy, scratch-resistant paint ... more info

Decksaver covers are the best investment you can make to protect your valuable DJ equipment. Decksavers dramatically reduce the risk of damage caused by dust and accidental impacts when your gear is not in use. Decksaver covers fit securely onto your DJ e ... more info

Technics professional club turntable ... more info

RCA Replacement Pcb Board With Internal Ground lead Built in ... more info

Protect your expensive DJ equipment with the Reloop Optional Dust Cover. This clear plastic design fits the Reloop RP turntable models 2000 and 4000 MK3 and M3D. ... more info

Enjoy stylish protection with the Manalishi notebook sleeve by Slappa. The water resistant textured twill exterior combined with a padded interior protects your computer from bumps and bangs. The 270-degree zippers open the sleeve on three of the four s ... more info

The Reloop RP-4000 M3D turntable is not only impressive due to its upper-torque motor but also due to a diversity of features like the variable pitch range (+/- 10/20%) with quartz-lock, forward and reverse running mode and three speed ranges. Its massive ... more info

This Is A Replacement Tone Arm Base assembly for technics turntables only. This Part Is Arm Base Assembly, Includes Arm Base (#78 - Silver) and Brass Ring (#79) Available in Black and Silver: Please put in the comments which color you want to order Othe ... more info

Technics Tone Arm Fixing Plate is original part made by Technics to use with Technics SL-1200/1210 MK2, MK3, M3D Turntables ... more info

This Is A Direct RCA PCB Combo Replacemt For Techncis 1200 Turntables Pre Soldered 1 year Warranty ... more info

This Is A Replacement RCA Cable for All Technics SL-1200 series Turntables Include MKII/MK5/M3D/M5G This Gold Platted Tip - RCA Cable Are For Better Quality Sound ... more info

This Is A dustcover for technics / panasonic Turntables models: TECHNICS/PANASONIC : SLQD33, SLQD35, SLQ350, SLBD24U, SLQ200, SLB280, SLD93, SLBD22, SLS210, SLQ312, SLBD21, SLDD2, SLQD22, SLD310K, SLQ300, SLD310, SLBD20D, SLB200, SLDS210PK. ... more info

Since its introduction in 2003, many have called the SL-1210M5G the Grand Master of the 1200 line. In addition to the legendary Technics ruggedness and reliability, the SL-1210M5G boasts some killer one-of-a-kind features including an all-digital pitch co ... more info

The Reloop RP-8000 combines modern DJ technology in an advanced turntable. This hybrid high torque turntable combines direct drive technology with a digital control section for your DJ software. The RP-8000 is able to communicate with any midi compatible ... more info


The Signatures of Quality.The DP-A100 features the 100th anniversary logo badge, and comes with a 5-year warranty and a signed certificate of authenticity from the chief production engineer who hand crafted the product. Also included is the DL-A100 cartri ... more info

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