Top 20 Best Selling Dinnerware Eating & Drinking Aids (2021)

Ableware eating plate has a high inner wall around the circumference to prevent food from spilling or sliding off, and is suitable for children and adults with limited muscle control or coordination. The plate’s wall also can be used to push food onto a u ... more info

The team at Preserve knew the frustration of having to throw away plastic plates, cups and utensils after just one use. They set out to design a new line of plastic tableware that is not only beautiful, but sturdy enough to be used again and again. The ne ... more info

GripWare Plastic Scoop DishGripWare™ is a unique line of dishes that feature round, nonskid feet. The feet have a textured rubber surface that grips tabletops and helps prevent plates from sliding. GripWare™ dishes instill confidence by helping to maintai ... more info

Plastic portion plate with base, 10 two sided insert menu disks for a variety of meal selections, promotes better nutrition thru portion size reduction. ... more info

745340000 Features: -Scooper bowl.-High rim with a reverse curve on one side that aids in scooping food onto a utensil without spilling over the side.-Hemispherical shape.-Bowl (without suction cup) is microwave and dishwasher safe.-Suction cup base preve ... more info

High rim and reverse curve on one side aids in scooping food onto a utensil without spilling over the side. The bottom of the dish has a rubber suction base to prevent skidding and secure the plate to your table. Ideal for individuals with self feeding pr ... more info

Ableware scooper eating plate is used for serving food, and has a flat bottom and high rim with a reverse curve for scooping food onto a utensil without spilling over the side. The plate is made of molded, heat-resistant plastic for durability, and is dis ... more info

Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip The Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip is a folding and non-folding reacher that has 2-1/2 opening feature and has interlocking tips. The Serrated jaw offers a secure grasp. At the tip of this reacher there is a magnet t ... more info

745350012 Features: -Scooper plate with suction cup base.-High, curved rim helps getting food on utensils.-Reduces spilling.-Suction cup base prevents skidding ( keeps the plate in place), making one handed eating easy.-Molded of heat-resistant plastic.-P ... more info

The low front and high back are ideal for persons with limited motor co-ordination or the use of only one hand. Dish measures 200mm (8) in diameter. Available in plastic or melamine. The plastic dish is microwave safe and can be gas autoclaved. ... more info

Ableware no-tip, two-handled cup helps prevent spills, and has rounded corners for safe use in pediatric environments. The cup has a weighted base for self-righting even when released from a lying position, and includes a clear plastic, dish-shaped lid wi ... more info

For building up tool and utensil handles and increasing softness. Bright Assorted (For visually impaired and pediatric use.) - Includes 2 bright yellow, 1/4¬ (.6 cm) I.D x 1¬ (2.5 cm) O.D.; 2 bright orange, 3/8¬ (.95 cm) I.D. x 1 1/8¬ (2.9 cm) O.D.; 2 bri ... more info

High rim and reverse curve on one side aids in scooping food onto a utensil without spilling. ... more info

Studies have shown that using red dinnerware increases eating with for individuals with alzheimers and dementia. The Power of Red products show contrast between the table allowing the user to more easily recognize what they are eating. In addition, each p ... more info

Designed to assist children, the elderly, people with limited muscle control and individuals with the use of only one hand. The deep inner lip keeps food from sliding off the plate. The user brings the fork or spoon to the edge of the plate and pushes the ... more info

Ableware sandstone partitioned dish has three compartments to keep food separated, and 1-1/2-inch/3.81cm-deep walls for scooping food onto forks and spoons. The dish is stackable, with a clear, plastic cover to transport and store food, and is dishwasher ... more info

Chore Body™ Soap Filled Scratch Free Scrubbers with Grease-Cutting Soap Formula!Perfect for nonstick cookware.Won't scratch.Won't rust.Green apple scent.2 soap filled scrubbers, (3 1/2 X 2 1/2 X 1/2) (89mm X 64mm X 13mm). ... more info

Model : SNRC1548. Size : 4.5 Dia. Packaging : 1 Each. ... more info

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