Top 20 Best Selling Digital Voice Recorders (2021) Reviews

Top rated Digital Voice Recorders by Sony, Livescribe, Olympus, Zoom, Panasonic, RCA. Record those important meetings, lectures, conversations, notes or memos in voice. Some also offers extra features such as digital document storage, music player, cassette support, printer and Smartpen (Livescribe).

Large front speaker, large front buttons, stereo recording with optional external microphone, simple divide and delete editing functions and selectable microphone sensitivity. ... more info

Record and Play Back Remember everything you write and hear. Then replay the recorded audio by tapping directly on your notes. Save and Search Save your notes to your computer. Search for words within your notes. Send and Share Share your notes and recor ... more info

Capture Everything - The Pulse smartpen records audio and links it what you write. Missed something? Tap on your notes or drawings with the tip of your Pulse smartpen to hear what was said while you were writing. No Need to Lug the Laptop - The Pulse s ... more info

Slow and Fast Playback modes let you listen to audio 25 percent slower or 50 percent faster than real time. Easy file management functions allow you to erase single files, multiple files as well as transfer files. Large LCD for easy, quick viewing of file ... more info

The Zoom H2 is a must-have for anybody doing podcasting to almost any type of mobile recording situation.Anaffordable2-track recorder using a 4-mic capsule configuration and digital signal processing, the H2 allows a variety of polar patterns and even sup ... more info

Transfer audio files quickly and easily to a computer with the convenient PC link.Voice activation extends recording time by recording only when the microphone senses sound. Record up to 444 hours of uninterrupted audio in LP mode. Select from three recor ... more info

Zoom H4n is the most sophisticated portable handheld recorder with new features and improved user experience at every level. Among its many new features, Zoom鈥檚 H4n offers superior, built-in X/Y stereo condenser mics that allow variable recording patterns ... more info

Find what you need with a tap. The Echo smartpen from Livescribe records everything you hear, say and write, and links your audio recordings to your notes, so you can find what you need. Packed with useful features, the Echo Smartpen helps you put your no ... more info

Don't miss a word with the ultra-portable ICD-BX800 digital voice recorder. The BX800 has made recording easier than ever with Voice Operated Recording, which starts and stops automatically. Featuring 4 recording modes and up to 534 hours2 of recording ti ... more info

Features cue and review controls, full auto stop, pause control and built in microphone. Uses standard cassettes. AC/DC operation. AC adapter included. Also runs on four C batteries, not included. ... more info

Introducing the new SmartShopper designer model #SS-301, with improved voice recognition and a new printer. The SmartShopper is a voice recognition grocery list organizer. Its intuitive interface is fun to use and easy to master. Just push the record butt ... more info

Includes a rechargeable battery, built-in stereo microphone, MP3 stereo recording, noise cut for clear speech recording, PC data storage, selectable microphone sensitivity, built-in speaker and compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking . Preferred legal, m ... more info

Use the VR5220 digital voice recorder by RCA for taking notes at lectures and seminars or to simply record important day-to-day notes. With 512MB of built in flash memory, you can enjoy up to 200 hours of recording. The digital voice recorder features a m ... more info

At work. In class. Find what you need with a tap. The Echo smartpen from Livescribe records everything you hear, say and write, and links your audio recordings to your notes, so you can find what you need.Tap it. Get it. The Echo smartpen records everythi ... more info

Up to 750 Hours (LP Mode) and 35 Hours (MP3) with a built-in 2 GB flash memory ... more info

LCD : Display: Alarm, Connecting, Hold Mark, ST/STSP/STLP/SP/LP/Mode, Voice Operated Recording, Title and Artist name/ID3 tag, Back Light, Files Number, Folder, Full Dot-matrix Display, Mic Sensitivity(H/L), Memory Remain, Repeat, Play/Remain Time, Erase, ... more info

Record meetings or notes and even store documents on this high-class storage device and remarkable music player. Easily transfer files with the USB input that lets you plug the WS-510M right into the computer for fast results. Up to 1,000 songs can be sto ... more info

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