Top 20 Best Selling Digital Gauges (2022)

Adventure should take you anywhere, any way you want to get there. That's why the Suunto D4i still gives you great freedive features as well as the option of a wireless readout of your tank pressure and air time. The new DM4 software allows easy synching ... more info

聽From splash and play to plug and play.Oceanic's OceanLog PC Interface is an exquisitely detailed digital divelog. OceanLog allows you to easily transfer dive data from your PDC toyour PC via a plug-in USB cable. Following download, your dive data isautom ... more info

Cressi Sub Giotto Wrist Computer Dual-mixture CRESSI RGBM algorithm. New algorithm created through a collaboration between Cressi and Bruce Wienke based on the Haldane model, integrated with RGBM factors for safe decompression calculations in repetitive m ... more info

Are you tired of the diving industry telling you what pieces of equipment you want in your gauge boot? Now you have a voice and a choice with the SUUNTO Analog Gauge Combos. It is now up to you to determine which pieces of information your Console provide ... more info

Suunto Zoop Scuba Black Dive Computer - Ss019544000 ... more info

The AERIS F-10 was designed by freedivers for freedivers. It has many freediving specific features including a wide variety of convenient alarms. It's ideally suited for all types of breath-hold diving, spearfishing or freediving, recreational to competit ... more info

Suunto Zoop is a great value, easy-to-use dive computer for recreational divers. Though Suunto Zoop is a great choice for your first dive computer, its full decompression capabilities and nitrox mode mean it's designed to give you years of serious fun. ... more info

The Oceanic lens protectors are durable, abrasion resistand and tough ... more info

The Suunto D9tx is the worlds first all-in-one wristop trimix dive computer. It brings together top-of-the-line features in a full titanium housing with sapphire glass, creating a design that complements a boardroom suit as well as it does a wetsuit. With ... more info

The GEO 2.0 has an upgraded look with a stainless steel accent ring and new color combination聽and now includes Dual Algorithm, Deep Stop option and a redesigned user interface with *Step Back*聽which allows forward and backward navigation through menus and ... more info

Exclusive Heart Monitoring System, incorporating heartbeat into work load and tailoring the decompression caluculations to your dive. Partnered with Polar the world leader in heart rate monitoring. ... more info

The New redesigned Oceanic Data Pro Plus 2.1 Nitrox Dive Computer is a full function Air Integrated Air/Nitrox Dive Computer New. that offers increased download memory from 256k last year to 512k which now includes cylinder pressure at every point during ... more info

The Suunto Cobra is an advanced air-integrated dive computer that combines multiple features, easy use and stylish design. In addition to measuring useful information such as depth, time and temperature, the Cobra calculates the diver's decompression requ ... more info

Brand new factory approved battery and o-ring for the Suunto Cobra 1, 2 & 3, Suunto Vyper 1 & 2, Suunto Vytec and Gekko dive computers ... more info

Wrist mount boot. Boot fits all Genesis gauges and computers with 1.75 diameter. ... more info

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