Top 20 Best Selling Dial Indicators Indicators & Accessories (2022)

The 1 stroke dial indicator features large, easy to read numbers and crisp graduations. Each revolution is 0.100, indicated by the revolution counter. The resolution is 0.001. There is a mounting lug on the back of the case. The dial test indicator has 0. ... more info

Body and contacts made of tool steel, hardened, ground and lapped to close tolerances for concentricity. ... more info

The Starrett PT22428 swivel post snug with dovetail clamp Is designed for use with Starrett 708, 709, and 811 series dovetail mount dial test indicators (not included). The snug fits 3/32 to 1/4 diameter spindles and posts. The knurled thumb screw provide ... more info

Mitutoyo Dial Indicator, Graduation: .0005, Range: 1, Dial face: 0-50, Back: Lug, Series: 2, Jeweled: No ... more info

Body and contacts made of tool steel, hardened, ground and lapped to close tolerances for concentricity. ... more info

These workhorse back-plunger indicators feature AGD (American Gage Design) stem holding fixtures and the great variety of AGD contact points. Indicator with 3 contact points, 3 attachments includes clamp, tool post, holder and snug, in case. ... more info

The magnetic base engages with the turn of a switch and allows pinpoint adjustment. The dial indicator features 0 to 1-inch travel and has a resolution of 0.001-inch. Features a molded case for protection and convenience. ... more info

While there is a need for indicators with finer graduations. Antimagnetic models is also available. Then the contact should be brought against the work with enough pressure to give the hand one full turn. Set the hand at zero by rotating the dial with the ... more info

The Mitutoyo dial indicator has a black or white face, a choice of flat or lug, a 0.375 stem diameter, and inch measurements. The indicator has a 0.375 diameter stem, a #4-48 UNF contact point thread mount, and is used to measure surface variations in fra ... more info

Shockless hardened steel gear train and jewel bearings. Furnished with a lug-on-center back. Stainless steel bottom stems. Balanced and tapered hands. ... more info

Mitutoyo Dial Indicator, Graduation: .0001, Range: .050, Dial face: 0-10, Back: Lug, Series: 2, Jeweled: Yes ... more info

Proform Dial Indicators are instruments used to accurately measure a small distance. These indicators are precision measuring tools with a myriad of applications. They are also called known as dial gauge, dial test indicator. ... more info

Tool kit includes: dial indicator and magnetic base. Dial indicator range: 0-1 and resolution: 0.001. Magnetic base with 132 Lbf magnetic pull. Magnetic base with on/off switch. Tool kit comes in plastic case. ... more info

The Fowler American Gage Design (AGD) Group 2 dial indicator has a 2-1/4 dial face with continuous and balanced dial readings, a 1 measuring range, 0.001 graduations, a revolution counter, and tolerance markers, and is designed for taking measurements in ... more info

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