Top 20 Best Selling Desiccator Accessories Desiccators & Accessories (2021)

The Bel-Art Scienceware 420751000 Secador Mini desiccator cabinet is a space-saving and portable desiccator that can be used with a standard single-use or re-usable desiccant to absorb water. This cabinet-style desiccator has a latch and loops for securin ... more info

The Bel-Art Scienceware 420400000 replacement stopcock is to control airflow into and out of a vacuum desiccator, for use with Bel-Art Scienceware desiccator models F42025, F42020, F42010, F42012, F42022 and F42027. The body of the stopcock is constructed ... more info

Reasons to Purchase our chamber: • Free 8x8 silicone slick pad and 50 micron air filter for the chamber lid • Unmatched customer service • #1 gasket in the market • Unique leak free bulkhead design • ISO 9000 Certified material input for quality • We guar ... more info

Combine vertical stacking amber-tinted desiccators to create multi-chambered units without sacrificing floor space. Durable co-polyester blocks 99% of UV light, and is resistant to crazing and chemical attack. Each unit has two gas ports for nitrogen desi ... more info

The Bel-Art 420710006 Secador 1.0 clear, stackable, standard desiccator cabinet has one shelf, is made of transparent co-polyester material, and measures 8.4 x 13.4 x 16.3 inches (H x W x D) for removing water from a sample or preserving laboratory suppl ... more info

The Dynalon large desiccator cabinet measures 16 x 9 x 10-1/2 inch. Fabricated of acrylic, it is used for dry, dust-free storage at temperatures up to 120°F. Use in incubators, freezers, refrigerators, or at room temperature. The cabinet has an air-tight ... more info

Glass connector stopper for vacuum desiccator. Fits our 6/7 glass vacuum desiccator. Joint diameter 17-18 mm. ... more info

The Bel-Art Scienceware 420710002 Secador 1.0 desiccator cabinet is a gas purge desiccator with two rear ports (stopcocks) for introducing dry nitrogen or other gasses to quickly achieve the needed humidity, or the stopcocks can be shut and a standard des ... more info

Cabinets assure moisture- and dust-free storage of humidity-sensitive items. They are molded of a clear co-polyester plastic that is resistant to staining, crazing, and chemical attack and blocks 99% of UV light. A hygrometer dial in the door allows for e ... more info

The door is sealed closed with a roll latch. When the downward pivoting door is opened, it stores in a space underneath the cabinet. The door opening is 23 x 20cm (9 x 8); inside depth is 23cm (9). A small tray that fits under the bottom shelf holds the d ... more info

Superior dehumidification performance provides a safe environment for perishable and expensive chemicals that require constant low humidity. An electrically operated desiccant module maintains RH level automatically through continual desiccation and desic ... more info

Non-vacuum cabinets are made of methyl-methacrylate. Cabinets have gasketed door with two metal hinges, two latches and door handle. Includes desiccant tray and dial hygrometer. Auto-desiccator cabinet features a permanent silica gel contained in the cont ... more info

This attractive cabinet has 15 shelf height locations to adapt to requirements. The gasketed door swings on two metal hinges and closes with two metal latches. An incorporated desiccant tray, fits under the bottom shelf. The door opening is 25 x 45cm (10 ... more info

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