Top 20 Best Selling Derailleurs & Shifters Derailleurs (2020)

Wide link design increases durability and precise shifting. 7/8 speed design. 13t guide pulley and 15t tension pulley for long wear. Max sprocket: 34t. Top-Normal (standard action) return spring. ... more info

Type 2 adds the Roller Bearing Clutch to a normal X.9 derailleur to deliver maximum drivetrain stability, even through rough terrain. This clutch eliminates bounce and chain slap without sacrificing precision. Clutch is self-lubricating, maintenance free, ... more info

The Shimano Tourney RD-TX55 6/7-speed rear derailleur features SIS shifting and is mega range compatible with an advanced light action design. ... more info

Deore M590Low profile Shadow design features direct cable routing and a stronger guide springEliminates chainstay contact32t minimum low gear for proper functionCompatible with all Shimano 9-speed HG cassettes, 9-speed mountain shifters and 9-speed chains ... more info

The RD-M280 Altus rear derailleur is a great choice for cost conscious individuals looking for a replacement 7 or 8 speed Shimano rear derailleur. ... more info

Shimano Pulley AssembliesItem SpecificationsChain CompatibilityShim/SRAM 10PositionLower,Upper ... more info

The versatile, highly capable X7 product family brings high-end precision and reliability to midrange mountain bike components. Unbeatable X-GLIDE shifting teamed up with ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH and CAGE LOCK technologies boost your confidence in all types. ... more info

Increase you shifting performance with some of Shimano's best derailleur technology. The 105 FD-5703 triple front derailleur accommodates the triple front chainring setup beloved by commuters, tourers, and fitness riders alike. Smooth shifting, quick resp ... more info

9 speed triple design. Wide link design increases rigidity while suppressing flex for improved shifting response. Aluminum outer and steel inner link. Steel chain cage for durability. ... more info

The SRAM X.4 line-up sets the standard for recreational level shifting. The X.4 has an intelligent blend of performance and value for MTB or pavement. Compatible with 7-, 8-, and 9-speed systems, 1:1 shifter-to-derailleur actuation ratio for precise light ... more info

Wide link design for increased stiffness and better shifting accuracy. 9 Speed drivetrain. 260 grams. ... more info

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