Top 20 Best Selling Dental Picks Oral Hygiene (2022)

The Doctor's Brush Picks gently and easily clean teeth removing food debris and stimulating gum to promote periodontal health. Daily use of The Doctor's BrushPicks produces a noticeable improvement in your oral health. The Doctor's Brush Picks. Better t ... more info

Stainless steel professional canine tartar scraper. ... more info

Oral-B Advantage Floss Picks Plus Scope Outlast Flavor are easy to use and provide a more complete clean. Picks feature a dual-action TextureSlide floss, and an easy-use comfort grip handle. The TextureSlide Floss has a soft bristle-like texture that effe ... more info

Advanced Fluoride Coating Flexible Bristles Pick Shred-Proof Floss Fits Under Wire ... more info

This 4 piece double ended probe set has a length of 5in. To 6in. They are double ended, assorted tips, and are made of stainless steel. ... more info

3 piece stainless steel scalers kit. Professional dental set made up of different heads. Ideal for dental hygiene. A great kit, made from surgical grade stainless steel. Very well balanced. The quality of these surgical grade instruments means they will l ... more info

4 New Wax Carving Picks This is a new set of 4 double ended wax carving picks These allow you to carve the wax rather than scrape it away Great to make designs, smooth or use with lathes for making designs Each carver is made of stainless steel to elimina ... more info

Dental Tartar Scraper and Remover Set, SS. This set includes: 1 Dental Pick, 1 Scaling instrument, 1 Dental Mouth Mirror. These Stainless Steel Handle dental tools helps remove tartar and plaque from teeth. Knurled handles provides excellent hand control. ... more info

Dental Tarter Scraper and Remover Set Only Sold By SUPREME PRODUCTS This set includes: 1 Dental Pick(Hollow), 1 Scaling instrument, 1 Dental Mouth Front Surface Mirror. These Stainless Steel Handle dental tools helps remove tarter and plaq ... more info

Interdental Toothpicks Longer head with more bristles. Safely removes food debris. Stimulates gums to promote periodontal health. Fights gingivitis. Daily use of The Doctor's BrushPicks will produce a noticeable improvement in your oral health is just ... more info

Helps Remove Plaque, Tartar and Food! Dental Scaler: Effectively removes plaque, tartar, and stains to keep teeth white Ergonomic Handles: Naturally guides your hand for easy use. Dental Pick: Safely dislodges food particles and plaque from between teeth. ... more info

Contents:Otoscope,Opthalmoscope Two handles(2 AA Alkaline Battries) 19 Speculas (15 disposable and 4 Reusable)Durable Carrying case Specifications:Halogen bulb illumination Lightweight and compact Halogen illumination provides brighter, whiter, longer las ... more info

Tight teeth and senstive gums making it too difficult and painful to floss? Then you need DenTek Comfort Clean Floss Picks! The thin, silky floss slides comfortably between tight teeth and sensitive gums. Plus it has a unique tongue scraper to freshen bre ... more info

Add the finishing touch with Diamond Round Toothpicks. Use Diamond toothpicks for cooking, baking, oral care, crafts, or to dress up cocktails or appetizers. ... more info

Opalpix ensures perfect balance between flex and rigidity. Massages interproximal tissue while removing debris and plaque. Textured surface for better cleaning. It will not splinter or break. ... more info

Tea Tree Toothpicks by Thursday Plantation 100 Toothpick Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Toothpicks Triple action Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Toothpicks deliver therapeutic grade Melaleuca alternifolia oil between teeth and at the gum line help remove debri ... more info

Some uses for these instruments are: amateur and professional taxidermy; cleaning archaeological artifacts; uncovering and cleaning fossils and shells; woodworking and furniture refinishing; ceramics, mosaics and pottery work; wood and clay carving; soap ... more info

Package: 1 dental examination mirror 1 explorer probe 1 college cotton plier EXCELLENT QUALITY HIGH GRADE STAINLESS STEEL ... more info

The Crest Glide Floss Pick helps make flossing simple. The unique design combined with Crest Glide Original Floss slides easily between your teeth and resists shredding. ... more info

Two flavors in one pack. Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Chewing Sticks help reduce bad breath and support oral hygiene by eliminating odour causing bacteria that can lodge between teeth after eating. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Contains Tea Tree Oil, a natural ... more info

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