Top 20 Best Selling Decade Boxes Industrial Electrical (2022)

These decade boxes are built into a metal bench top box. They are used for testing and calibration. The main function of these decade boxes is to create a resistance or capacitance with a specific value by using a combination of the rotary decade switches ... more info

Package of 10 Texas Instruments CD4017 CD4017BE Decade Counter IC. Lead free & RoHS Compliant. ... more info

EISCO Decade Resistance Box(1) Resistance boxThis decade resistance substitution box provides 4 decade ranges asgiven below and total value 0 to 11110 Ohms with a resolution of 1 Ohm. Each decade is selected using rotary switch. All resistance values are ... more info

Model CDB-10 is a hand held Capacitance decade box that creates a specific capacitance value using a combination of switches. Designed with accuracy to meet the needs of industry and education alike. The CDB-10 is a compact, convenient tool for aiding in ... more info

Affordable decade boxes with rugged quality and high precision. Perfect for educational use, R and D, service, production line testing and maintenance. Model LBOX-405 Inductance Decade Box * Sturdy, multi-way binding posts * Slide switches add/subtract ... more info

Weatherproof Cover Plate, Receptacle Type Duplex, Vertical Mounting Orientation, Self Closing Lid Style, Number of Gangs 1, Material of Construction Die Cast Aluminum, Color Gray, Height (In.) 4.5, Width (In.) 2.75, Depth (In.) 1.1, Standards UL and CSA, ... more info

CD4017B Decade Counter / Divider with 10 decoded outputs. This is the IC that is used in many LED circuits. It is a DIP-16 pin IC. You will get 4 pieces. ... more info

The RS Resistance Substitution Box is the most commonly used decade box on the market today. The RS Series Resistance Substitution Box is not only easier to use, but it is also priced lower than all of its competiton. The RS Series resistance substitution ... more info

SN74190N Maxumim Modulus:10Military/High-Rel:NPreload (Y/N):YesCircuits Per Package:1f(oper) Max. (Hz):25M Nota Bene: Image is not true representation of part Nota Bene: Image is not true representation of part ... more info

Collapsible Outlet Cover, Low Profile, Weatherproof Cover, For Use With Electricial Outlet, Characteristics Horizontal Metal Cover, Length (In.) 4.85, Width (In.) 5.15, Depth (In.) 2.25, Color Gray, Cover Material Metal, Number of 1/2 In. Side Knockouts 0 ... more info

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