Top 20 Best Selling Deba Knives Asian Knives (2022)

It is sandwiched between the stainless steel iron ore of high purity by removing the impurities by low-temperature gas reduction method, a special alloy steel, it is superior to maintenance such as re-sharpening excellent sharpness | tornado pattern hand ... more info

Global 4-3/4-inch deba knife. This single beveled knife is for right handed users only. Perfect for breaking down and filleting fish. Also great for very thinly slicing items like daikon and giner. Loved by professional chefs around the world, Global k ... more info

Style: Petty, Steel Type: High-Carbon Steel (Not Stain-Resistant), Saya Cover: Not Included, Blade: Double-Edged, Handle Material: Composite Wood, Hardness Rockwell C scale: 58. Available Size: 5.9. ... more info

This deba knife is made of high-carbon stainless steel with molybdenum vanadium for increased flexibility and a POM handle that resists corrosion. It is ideal for chopping and cutting fish, meat and hard vegetables. Pointed blade tip with hollow ground ed ... more info

[Product Specifications] Breakdown: Size: 323 脳 58 脳 21mm Weight: 298g [Product Details] TOTAL Magoroku KimuHisashi ST Japanese knives knife 180mm AK-1103 is a knife that can also be cut in the bone cutting blade beating so thick. I play an active par ... more info

Constructed of high carbon,聽stain-free, German steel, single-edge blade (typical of Japanese knives) is taper ground with a fine stone finish. The comfortable handle is of traditional balsam wood. ... more info

New Sakai Takayuki kasumi deba made in Japan. The shiro-ko/white iron blade measures 18 cm./7 1/8. The handle is wooden with a plastic bolster. This knife is not stainless steel and must be cared for properly. It should be thoroughly cleaned and dried aft ... more info

Simple sum of the kitchen knife care. Handle of natural wood is familiar with a hand so as to use it. ... more info

From Seki City, Japan, the beautiful and razor-sharp Shun Pro Deba knife is a perfect companion for filleting fish, beef, poultry or chopping vegetables. Deba knives are typically lighter and deliver precision cuts, making them an alternative to the chef' ... more info

The Mioroshi is a filet knife. It is thinner, lighter and longer than the deba. It can be used more efficiently than the deba because of the thinner and lighter blade. But it should not be used as a butcher knife or to cut through thick bones. Kasumi me ... more info

Many Japanese Sushi Chef knows this maker. Please try, very good. ... more info

Kodeba: small protruding blade, used for cleaing, boning, filleting, and cutting small fish ... more info

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