Top 20 Best Selling Darkroom Supplies Accessories (2021)

Illuminated slide viewer. Compact for tabletop or hand use. Viewing area 1-7/8 square. Brilliant 2X magnification powered by 2 AA batteries (not included) or household current with optional transformer sku VRPVT. ... more info

LightTracer light box has a 10-inch by 12-inch opaque screen and plastic frame (lightweight). The interior bulb is the popular 12 8 watt bright white bulb. Top of box features a tool tray. Great for copying graphics photos templates anything. Applications ... more info

Huion USB Tracing Light Box Ultra Thin At only 4MM thick, the ultra portable Slimline light panel combines style with practical features. Eye-Protect Technology All light boxes are fitted with cool white LED strip. These ensure perfectly natural colo ... more info

PEC-12 Photographic Emulsion Cleaner is an archival, non-water based  cleaner for color & black and white prints, slides and negatives. PEC-12 removes ink, finger oils, adhesives, mildew and other non-water based stains. In many cases, PEC-12 removes grea ... more info

Dimension(LxWxH) 479mm x 361mm x 7mm (18.86 X 14.21 X 0.27 Inch) Active Area 310mm x 430mm (12.20 X 16.92 Inch) Brightness 4050 Lux Work Surface Acrylic Panels Light source LED Working Voltage DC12V Guide light way light panel Scale size Yes Net weight 2 ... more info

Wired remote commander with a cable length of approximately 80cm. Control shutter capture, movie record start/stop as well as optical & digital zoom capabilities. Intended for use with models utilizing Sony’s ‘Multi’ terminal found on both the new SLT-A58 ... more info

Define your case by adding the Logisys CLK12 12 Cold Cathode florescent light (CCFL) kit (Blue) with Dual Tube to your case. Cold cathodes emit a neon looking glow, but they do so producing very little heat for the amount of light they give off, making th ... more info

Transformer for PanaVue 1, 2 and Automatic viewers. Just plug into AC socket and into the PanaVue. Has a 10 ft cord for easier use and pass-ability. ... more info

Lightpad light box is brighter, stronger and smarter. Super bright LED lamps provide a perfectly even illuminated surface thats perfect for scrapbooking, calligraphy, sewing, quilting, stenciling, and more. The LED lamps are maintenance free and will last ... more info

MULTIGRADE IV RC DELUXE Glossy is a premium quality paper with a bright base tint. The image colour remains cool to neutral whether viewed in daylight or fluorescent light. MULTIGRADE IV RC DELUXE is part of the ILFORD MULTIGRADE system and is fully compa ... more info

Photographers' Formulary Liquid Cyanotype is in convenient ready-to-use liquid form. This kit contains two solutions: A and B, as well as a small packet of sizing agent. Cyanotype is one of the oldest photographic processes and one of the least expensive. ... more info

The Paterson Super System 4 Universal Developing Tank is simpler to load, faster to fill and easier to clean than any other tank. It features a large diameter one-piece lid and funnel that clips into place positively and securely, allowing the tank to be ... more info

64125 Features: -Slip N slide wave rider.-Wall of water on the bumper.-Super fast slide.-Outdoor fun for everyone.-Quality pieces ensures a tight fit between puzzle pieces.-Made in Spain ensures superior quality. ... more info

Ilford Multigrade IV RC Deluxe MGD.44M Black and White Variable Contrast Paper (8 x 10 Inches, Pearl, 100 Sheets) (1771318) ... more info

ARTOGRAPH-This lightweight and portable projector easily makes enlargements up to 10 times the size of the original artwork. No set-up or assembly required. Projects in colors or black and white. Simply place your artwork under the Tracer Projector and im ... more info

Compact, 2x, hand-held viewer uses window or room light. Translucent back diffuses ambient light for even illumination ... more info

Dimension (LxWxH) 600mm x 400mm x 11mm(23.6 X 15.75 X 0.43 Inches) Active Area 320mm x 520mm(12.6 X 20.5 Inches) Light source of LED Working Voltage DC12V Rated power 6W Guide light way light panel Scale size Yes Adjustable BrightnessHuion Ultra Thin 12.5 ... more info

Features opaque screen and plastic frame. Top of box has a tool tray. Great for copying graphics photos templates anything. One side of box features memory related graphics the other side of the box features stitching related graphics. The generous 12x18 ... more info

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