Top 20 Best Selling Curriculum Sets (2021)

The Taser Launch Set is a great kit from the Easy to Assemble (E2X) Series. You'll be ready in no time for another extreme launch experience. Using standard Estes engines, amazing heights of 1,000 feet can be reached! Rocketeers aged 10 and up can enjoy h ... more info

The Very Versatile Viking is everyone鈥檚 favorite research rocket to use with classroom investigations. This rocket has 48 possible fin configurations that can be used for it. Students can hypothesize how their fin arrangement will affect the rocket鈥檚 flig ... more info

Strong plastic construction. These Buzzers are an essential electrical part for use in Physics electrical circuits and Sound experiments and other general lab use. ... more info

This revolutionary new concept for recording fingerprints features a specially designed microporous membrane that features a pore size of 7 to 10 microns affording a higher degree of detail in the fingerprint impression. It produces thousands of rolled an ... more info

Molymod庐 Molecular Model set for Inorganic & Organic Chemistry, comprising 6 carbon(sp3), 14 Hydrogen, 7 Oxygen, 6 Chlorine, 3 Nitrogen, 2 Sulphur,2 Phosphorus, 8 metals, 4 brown (3,4,5 & 6 holes) 3 lone pair 2d lobes, 25 single & 12 multiple bond links. ... more info

This selection of spinners helps students develop number concepts, and strengthen undertanding. (Set of 10) ... more info

Molymod organic chemistry molecular model build a wide range of organic structures including alkanes (e.g., octane), alkenes, alkynes, alcohols, aldehydes, ketone, carboxylic acids, esters, ethers, halogen compounds, amines, amides, amino acids, cycloalka ... more info

An excellent introduction to building simple circuits switches, conductive materials, circuit drawings, parallel and series circuits and testing circuits. Includes 2 battery holders, 2 bulb holders with bulbs, 2 switches, 10 wire connectors, and instructi ... more info

These soft, squeezable, and safe, foam building blocks have a wood grain design, can be wiped-clean, and have precise edges for easy stacking and building. These durable foam blocks are great for parent-child interaction or classroom use with students 2 a ... more info

Connect and stack individual base ten pieces together with sturdy Interlox Base Ten Blocks that stay in place. These blocks are great for modeling addition and subtraction, decimals and fractional equivalents, and proportional models. This set is perfect ... more info

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