Top 20 Best Selling Current Probes Current Testers (2022)

Kit includes i410 1-400A AC rms, 1-400A DC current Clamp, zippered vinyl carry case with moveable divider. Special value kit for electrical professional who is looking to add on DC and AC current measurement capabilities to their DMM. Includes a roomy car ... more info

Set of two (one red, one gray) hook clips, designed for use with STL 120 shielded test leads and TL75 test leads. Accepts wires up to 2.5mm. The contact material is made of reinforced nickel plated steel. Maximum voltage: 600V rms. CAT III per IEC 1010-2- ... more info

The 80I-110s is compatible with any fluke ScopeMeter test tool, power harmonics analyzer, oscilloscope, multimeter. It also compitable with other voltage measurement device with BNC input connectors or if using a meter convert the banana plugs to a BNC co ... more info

Set of four hook clips (two red and two gray). Designed for use with VPS200, VPS100 and PM8918 series probes. ... more info

The MR521 is a general purpose 1500AAC or DC current probe designed for use with DMMs, loggers, oscilloscopes and other instruments that have voltage inputs. The MR521 has dual selectable range probes. The MR521 has an integral 5ft (1.5m) lead terminated ... more info

The Mahr EGH-1028 groove-bottom bore probe is intended for use with the Mahr Pocket Surf series portable surface roughness gauge (sold separately) for testing grooves, recesses, and small holes with a maximum depth of 6.35mm (0.25). The probe's 90-degree ... more info

The model SL261 is designed for AC/DC current measurement capabilities using hall effect technology. It measures from a few mA to over 100A. The screw driver shape, with its narrow elongated prod, was chosen to permit probing in crowded cable bundles, or ... more info

Small, compact and very tough, the model MN103 is designed for measurements from 1mA to 100AAC. The clothes pin shape makes it ideal for use in tight areas, such as breaker panels, controller panels or outlets. It is an excellent companion to all DMMs. Th ... more info

Model MN93-BK is a AC current probe with 10 Feet leads. Model MN93-BK is of 200A capacity. For use with models 3945/3945-B, 8220, 8230, 8335, L104 and L564. ... more info

1.5m Color-coded Leads (4mm straight, 4mm right angle) with Color-coded Safety Alligator Clips. Available in Red/Black. Set of 2. ... more info

The model SR661 is a range selectable probe that offers 3 switch selectable ranges of 20, 200 or 2000AAC. This probe has a voltage output proportional at the current measured in the jaw of the probe. The model SR661 has an integral 6.5 ft (1.98m) lead ter ... more info

Small, compact and very tough, the model MN185 is designed for measurements from 50mA to 120AAC. The clothes pin shape makes it ideal for use in tight areas, such as breaker panels, controller panels or outlets. It is an excellent companions to all DMMs. ... more info

General purpose mini probe for tight areas such as crowded wiring. Extends DMM AC measurements to 150AAC. 5' Lead output. ... more info

Fluke current probe set. This Fluke product will be free from defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover fuses, disposable batteries, or damage from accident, neglect, misuse, alteration, contami ... more info

Model MN193-BK is AC current probe. For use with Models 3945/3945-B, 8220, 8335, L104 and L564. Also used with single-phase power quality analyzer PowerPad junior model 8230. ... more info

AC/DC Amp current probe adapter. AC Amps: 0 to 1600A and DC Amps: 0 to 2000A. Accuracy: 0-400A = +/-1 percent of reading and 0-2000A = +/- 1.5 percent of reading. Adapter output: 1mV per 1A. Maximum Conductor Size: 34mm. 48 Lead length. Dual banana plug o ... more info

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