Top 20 Best Selling Cups & Glasses Eating & Drinking Aids (2022)

Sleeve of 100 * Manufactured of strong flexible polyethylene * Easy to read gradations * ... more info

A special cutout helps maintain proper head and neck positioning when swallowing, making drinking even easier. Transparent monitoring of liquid intake. Dishwasher safe to 180掳F. BPA, Phthalates and Latex Free. ... more info

This attractive mug is crystal clear and exceptionally strong. The handles are easy to hold and the large base adds stability to help prevent spills. Comes with 2 lids: one with a spout and one anti-splash, both usable with a straw. Holds 10 oz of li ... more info

Eliminate messy spills and increase confidence with this spill proof drinking cup. Perfect for all ages, this plastic cup has an easy grip handle, sturdy screw-on lid and uses disposable straws. Holds 7 oz of hot or cold liquid and is dishwasher safe. ... more info

The Independence Clear Mugs are high quality drinking cups designed to be easily picked up and held. And they have a wide base which makes them easy to set down without tipping or spilling. Each mug comes with two specialty lids to suit every need. . Made ... more info

The lifestyle essential's 2 handle cup made from clear and strong polycarbonate and can hold up to 10 ounce. Holds hot or cold liquid and is dishwasher safe. Comes with spout and anti splash lids. Limited 6 month warranty. ... more info

Thanks to the input from hundreds of Speech-Language Pathologists & Occupational Therapists the final design of The PROVALE庐 Cup is now available The advantages The PROVALE庐 Drinking Cup are: Delivers a fixed delivery amount of 5 cc (one teaspoon) or 10 ... more info

An opening for the nose allows drinking without lifting the head. They feature a smooth, molded drinking surface and a transparent design. Dishwasher safe, the 3 piece set includes 4 oz., 8 oz. and 12 oz. sizes. ... more info

THE KENNEDY CUP is a lightweight spill proof drinking cup that is ideal for people of all ages. The patented design allows the cup to be easily filled with up to 7 ounces of warm or cold liquid. Once the lid is screwed on the liquid will not spill out eve ... more info

The lifestyle essential's Kennedy cup with blue color is spill proof drinking cup that eliminates messy spills and increases confidence. Has easy grip handle, sturdy screw on lid and uses disposable straws. Cup holds 7 ounce of hot or cold liquid and is d ... more info

This Weighted Base Dysphagia Cup comes with a wide handle and easy-to-use oval shape which directs the flow of liquid. The weighted base slows tremors to help self-drinking, and the designed nose clearance allows you to drink without tilting your head. ... more info

Replacement valves for all Playtex Spill-Proof Cups. The patented SipEase valve eliminates messy spills. ... more info

Health smart nosey cup set. Ideal for people with limited range of motion of the head, neck or upper body. Cut-out design provides space for the nose and eyeglasses to drink easily without tipping the head. Package contains 1 each of: green, yellow and bl ... more info

INDICATIONS: Playtex Spill Proof Cup Replacement Valves, SipEase One Piece Valve. No Spills. It is Better for Baby Better for mother. No more messy spills to clean because the SipEase valve dispenses liquid only when child sips. ... more info

Roho Mosaic Cushion The Roho Mosaic Cushion is especially suited for users who require a cushion for basic level skin protection, support and comfort. Using air flotation technology, the Roho Mosaic cushion is not only comfortable, but the use of intercon ... more info

(SEE AVAILABILITY ABOVE FOR ESTIMATED DELIVERY) - PROVALE Regulating Drinking Cup 5cc Dispenser - with two removable handles - Blue - PROVALE Regulating Drinking Cup - Delivers a fixed amount of liquid with every drinking motion. The cup provides measured ... more info

Pill Taker Cup - Unique shelf design holds your pill until you take a drink. Ideal for patients who have problems swallowing pills. ... more info

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