Top 20 Best Selling Cultivators & Tillers Gardening Tools (2021)

Weasel Garden Claw by Garden Weasel Cultivate, Loosen, Aerate and Weed (C.L.A.W.) Weasel Garden Claw works hand-in-hand with Garden Weasel to maintain your garden beds all season long. Garden Claw is especially useful early in the gardening season to turn ... more info

This Roto Driller does all the work. Digs holes up to 9 Inch deep and 1 1/4 Inch wide. It digs for you! Just insert into any 3/8-inch or larger electric or cordless drill. Plant bulbs, bedding plants and seedlings. Electrical or sprinkler installations un ... more info

The Earthquake MC440 4-cycle Cultivator is a garden superstar when it comes to weeding, working in fertilizer or aerating soil. Its small size and light weight not only make it easy to transport, but it also increases maneuverability through garden rows w ... more info

Strong, lightweight and affordable, this quality Garden Cultivator features stronger-than-steel FiberComp construction for lasting value. One-piece design means the handle won't loosen and the cultivator won't bend at the neck when digging into tough soil ... more info

Our garden tiller is a twist tiller. Extra long handles reduce the effort of twisting. Does a better job with only a fraction of the effort of older designs. Garden tillers utilizing claws twisted into the ground are a great idea! The sharp, angled claws ... more info

Tools that are as comfortable to use as they are durable Big Grip Cultivator. View larger. Big Grip garden tools reduce hand fatigue while helping to speed your work. Ext ... more info

Use this classic EarthWay Kentucky-Style High Wheel Cultivator for weeding and loosening soil with a 5-tine cultivator head, a moldboard plow and a twin-end furrow plow. The oak handles adjust to 4 different positions for hours of comfortable use. U.S.A. ... more info

Designed for easy use and lasting durability, this cultivator features a Softouch handle that reduces hand and wrist fatigue when cultivating. The cast-aluminum head resists rust and won鈥檛 snap off while you鈥檙e loosening soil or aerating, no matter how to ... more info

Awesome Auger Professional Gardening Tool Awesome Auger makes yard work easy! Yard and garden tool takes the hard work out of yard work without bending. Great for vegetable gardens, flower gardens, remove vines and poison ivy without touching them. Loose ... more info

Mini Claw Tall by Garden Weasel Cultivate, Loosen, Aerate and Weed (C.L.A.W.) Designed specifically for Garden Claw fans who asked for a lighter Claw for smaller areas, Mini Claw Tall helps you to maintain your garden all season long. It's especially usef ... more info

Weasel Claw Pro Cultivate, Loosen, Aerate and Weed (C.L.A.W.) Weasel Claw Pro works hand-in-hand with Garden Weasel to maintain your garden beds all season long. Weasel Claw Pro features repositionable cultivating tines for weeding or cultivating tight ar ... more info

The WOLF-Garten mini weeder-cultivator is designed with sturdy tines for breaking up soil in small areas or in close-planted beds, borders, or containers. It comes with a WOLF-Garten mini handle; and though not required for use, it will also work with any ... more info

This Bond wiggle weeder will help cut roots below the surface. It is made of tempered, heat treated steel for greater strength and longer life. The handle is made of fiberglass. It has a sharpened edge which helps penetrate tough ground with reduced effor ... more info

The Garden Cultivator loosens the soil and weeds in your garden faster and with less effort. Specially-designed, bladed wheels rotate to create a scissors-like action that breaks up soil and uproots weeds while automatically cleaning themselves. The detac ... more info

The Troy-Bilt cultivator has a forged head for added strength with four tines. With a heavy-duty ash wood handle, the garden hoe has some of the best features in the industry to ensure comfort, strength and quality. Ergo end-grips offer support and comfor ... more info

Work-saving tool has greater operating stability than its imitators. Three tools included: Twin End Furrow Plow channels seed rows; Mold Board Plow works as plow and tiller; and the 5 Tine Cultivator handles weeding and soil loosening. U.S.A. ... more info

1983700 Features: -Cultivator.-Chrome plated head.-Ash wood handle.-Convenient hang-up hole. ... more info

LH011 Features: -Rake.-Durable heat treated heads.-Rust resistant powder coated paint.-Comfortable soft non-slip grip.-Metal ring for convenient hanging storage.-Strong lightweight steel handles.-Extra reach and leverage. Dimensions: -Depth: 25'' - 37''. ... more info

Innovative tiller breaks up hard, compacted soil without forcing the user to stoop or squat. Six arrow-tipped tines powered by a big step for penetrating power and a wide grip for extra leverage easily pierce and shatter hardened soil clods. ... more info

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