Top 20 Best Selling Cooling Fan Sensors Replacement Parts (2019)

5 Series-E34-Sedan-525i-(1989 to 1995)5 Series-E34-Sedan-530i-(1994 to 1995)5 Series-E34-Sedan-535i-(1989 to 1993)5 Series-E34-Sedan-540i-(1994 to 1995)5 Series-E34-Wagon-525i-(1992 to 1995)5 Series-E34-Wagon-530i-(1994 to 1995)7 Series-E32-Sedan-735i-(19 ... more info

   Speed Unlimited #3101 Fan Control, Thermostatic, 200 Degrees On/185 Degrees Off, 3/8 in. NPT Sending Unit, Kit.  This Speed Unlimited kit comes with a threaded thermostat that screws into the engine block or intake manifold for a professional looking i ... more info

Mr. Gasket Thermostatic Temperature Sensor Kit is designed to allow fans to operate automatically. It includes a 30 ampere relay, wiring kit with fuse, thermostatic temperature sensor, and brass radiator probe. Fan turns on at 190 degrees Fahrenheit and o ... more info

E31-Coupe-840Ci-(1995-97)E31-Coupe-840i-(1984-95)E31-Coupe-850Ci-(1989-94)E31-Coupe-850CSi-(1994-95)E32-Sedan-740i-(1993-94)E32-Sedan-740iL-(1993-94)E32-Sedan-750iL-(1988-94)E34-Sedan-530i-(1994-95)E34-Sedan-540i-(1994-95)E34-Wagon-530i-(1994-95)E38-Sedan ... more info

E12-Sdn-528i-(09/79-81)E12-Sdn-528i-(77-09/79)E12-Sdn-530i-(75-09/79)E21-Sdn-320i-(09/79-83)E21-Sdn-320i-(75-09/79)E23-Sdn-733i-(09/79-09/81)E23-Sdn-733i-(09/82-79)E23-Sdn-735i-(09/82-82)E24-Cpe-633CSi-(09/79-09/81)E24-Cpe-633CSi-(09/82-83)E24-Cpe-635CSi- ... more info

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