Top 20 Best Selling Cooking & Baking Nuts & Seeds (2021)

Chia seeds are a superfood packed with fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. ... more info

Aztec Superfood Chia seeds were a key part of the diet and culture of ancient civilizations, including the Aztecs, Incans, and Mayans. The Tarahumara and Chumash people in Mexico would create a ‘running food’ by roasting, crushing, and mixing the seed wi ... more info

Chia seeds are a super food packed with fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. ... more info

Hemp Hearts, the very best and most nutritious part of the hemp seed, the heart. By shelling the hemp seed, you get only the center, with its raw nutrition, rich nutty flavor and tender crunch. So easy to use, eat them straight out of the package or sprin ... more info

Chia seeds are topping must have superfood lists again for 2014! This tiny seed is packed full of goodness and they're so versatile, there is no excuse not to get this nutritional boost! More calcium then milk, the protein of an egg, and more fiber then w ... more info

Chia seed originated in South America and was a staple in the diets of ancient Mayans and Aztecs. Today, chia is grown by passionate farmers dedicated to this miraculous seed, using sustainable farming methods to produce clean and nutritious chia of the h ... more info

A convenient way to enjoy the healthful benefits and wholesome flavor of premium Blue Diamond Almonds. Our 100-calorie packs make calorie counting easy and deliver a healthy boost whenever you need it, wherever you are. Keep them with you for a naturally ... more info

Planters Honey Roasted peanuts, 12 Ounce Canister ... more info

Raw Pepitas / No Shell Pumpkin Seeds (2 lbs bag) from Superior Nuts. Superior was founded over 80 years ago on the premise of fresh quality nuts, dried fruits and chocolates served locally. Although our third generation business has grown over the years a ... more info

Planters Lightly Salted Cashew Halves & Pieces, 8 Ounce Canister ... more info

Nutiva's certified organic hemp seeds are grown without any chemical pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Are Nutiva hemp seeds raw? Yes! Nutiva's hemp products are cold-processed (under 104°F) from raw, live hemp seeds. Nutiva utilizes a mecha ... more info

Blue Diamond Whole Natural Almonds, 100 Calorie Pack, 7 Count ... more info

Blue Diamond Almonds, Bold Wasabi & Soy Sauce, 6 Oz ... more info

The delicious flavor of dry roasted organic pumpkin seeds, lightly coated with a bit of our fine Atlantic sea salt. Low in sodium, cholesterol free and an excellent source of magnesium and dietary fiber. Great for parties, camping, backpacking or a nutrit ... more info

At Spectrum, we work with talented, dedicated people to create the best products possible, and using processes that are gentle to both the planet and our bodies. Our passionate commitment leads us to craft great-tasting oils to help people live healthier ... more info

We're taking honey-roasted almonds in a brand new direction. We start with whole almonds and the finest orange blossom honey, add our naturally dried cranberries and top them with toasted sesame seeds and sea salt for an exquisite salty-sweet symmetry. ... more info

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