Top 20 Best Selling Controllers Nitrous Oxide Accessories Performance Parts (2021)

The Edelbrock Progressive Nitrous Controllers are used to control the amount of nitrous over a period of time by providing a pulse width modulation to the solenoid. They also calculate many conditions like seconds delay, duty cycle and power ramps. These ... more info

The NOS time based progressive nitrous controller starts Nitrous flow at any level you set (from 0驴100%) and then gradually bring in the full 100% flow of Nitrous over a time period adjustable from 0 to 10 seconds. ET improvements of 1/2 second are easil ... more info

The Nitrous Express Maximizer 3 progressive controller is the culmination of years of development and brings the best of all worlds to the progressive nitrous control customer. The Max 3 will progressively control one or two separate stages of nitrous bas ... more info

Nitrous Express Dual Stage Progressive Controller with Built-in Map Sensor (Controller Only) progressively controls nitrous flow based on either boost pressure or time. It includes an RPM window switch and will trigger from a full throttle switch or a TPS ... more info

Cometic MT1352 Modotek Nitrous, Controller ... more info

Wideband controllerFir use with NOS Launcher nitrous control system ... more info

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