Top 20 Best Selling Construction Marking Tools (Markers) (2021) Reviews

Top rated construction marking tools (markers) made by quality brands – Fastcap, Logan, Incra, Malco, Striker, Rockler etc.

The Accuscribe from FastCap scribes cabinet trim, architectural moldings, countertops, tile and more for cleaner cuts and more creative freedom on a wide variety of projects. The Accuscribe maintains consistent scribe offset and stays parallel to surface ... more info

Compact Mat Cutter. Versatile, portable 32 mat cutter provides affordable and professional results. Open ended guide rail allows bevel cuts in matboards of any size. Includes parallel mat guide for setting border widths from 3/4 to 41/4, safety lock to ke ... more info

Precise, versatile, and easy-to-use are the words which best describe the Incra 12-Inch Precision Marking T-Rule. Think of it as a combination square for marking or measuring thats simultaneously set to every scale position with perfect, instant accuracy. ... more info

This simple, yet effective Marking Gauge has a single bevel edge wheel that scribes a fine line without tearing the wood fibers and does not wander with the woods grain. Precision ground brass shoe glides against the edge of the workpiece and the knurled ... more info

Circle Cutter, Sturdy Metal Construction With Sharp Blade, Has Measurement Scales For Accurate, Clean Hole Cuts, Used Around Lighting Fixtures & Sprinkler Heads Or Any Other Round Access Needed In Drywall. ... more info

Patented 3-step mechanism is fast, portable, very easy to use, and costs hundreds less than comparable oval cutters. Cuts perfect bevel openings without connecting to any other equipment. Cut single, double, or even triple mats. Adjusts from oval to circl ... more info

Goof Proof, simple, quick and easy shower installations. A center ring is placed over the drain and the tapered float sticks are attached, leaving you with a perfect 1/4in fall per 12in run. The Standard Kit fits 3ft x 5ft showers. ... more info

Tungsten Carbide Scriber and Magnet, Marks Hard Materials Including Hardened Steel, Ceramics and Glass, Alnico Permanent Magnet Picks Up Small Parts and Retrieves Steel Chips From Hard To Reach Places, Scriber Point Reverses For Safety, Point Is Replace A ... more info

The Incra 6-Inch Precision Marking Protractor lets you plot any angle with ease and absolute accuracy. A metal T-Bar and see-through cross hairs provide perfect alignment against the edge of your work-piece. Remove the T-Bar to work on flat surfaces or to ... more info

Pencil is constructed of high impact plastic and can withstand being run over by a 3 4 ton truck on concrete. Has pocket clip. Jaws securely hold the Dura Lead in place; press cap to release lead. Refer to model No. 77 589, 77 599, and 77 609 for Dura Lea ... more info

General Tools 523 Adjustable TrammelsOur Adjustable Trammels work great for marking over large distances, tracing contours and scribing circles. The 6芒 scribing points are adjustable, and can also be replaced with pencils, pens, crayons and soapstone for ... more info

SMARTTOOL MAGNETIC BRACKET - Digitally displays degrees & percent slope ~ Displays pitch to 1/10 degree accuracy ~ Extremely durable ~ Keeps its accuracy for years ~ Push button calibration ~ Audio sound at level & plumb ~ Includes standard 9 volt battery ... more info

Easily capture gable angles (0-90隆), and transfer to siding. Sturdy aluminum construction. This is a brand new PacTool siding carrier and comes with a full PacTool warranty. We are an authorized PacTool dealer. ... more info

Pre-Pitch is a unique, stay in place screeding tool designed for use underneath shower pan liners. Pre-Pitch creates the proper sub floor pitch needed to manipulate water flow towards the weep holes that are an integral part of shower floor drains. By hav ... more info

Easy to use, versatile and precise are the words which best describe the new INCRA T-Rule. This 3 rule is the perfect size for your apron pocket. Comes in handy as a square, marking gauge, machine setup tool and ultra-precise ruler. Low glare, matte textu ... more info

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