Top 20 Best Selling Confetti Banners, Streamers & Confetti Toys (2021)

Creative Converting is a leading manufacturer and distributor of disposable tableware including high-fashion paper napkins plates cups and tablecovers in a variety of solid colors and designs appropriate for virtually any event ... more info

This 11 party popper / confetti shooter uses compressed air to shoot color-assorted tissue confetti 5 to 8 meters (16 to 26 feet) into the air. Not a firework, would be considered as safe and sane. Confetti shooters are usually used for inside or outside ... more info

Confetti popper is spring loaded that shoots confetti and streamers into the air. 24 high. One time use. For indoor and outdoor use. Please note; Does not contain fireworks! Ages8+. ... more info

Choose Your School Colors! 2.5oz Blue confetti mix can be used to sprinkle on tables or envelopes when sending invites or thank you cards! ... more info

This Curious George party will really let you tell the kids stop monkeying around! The Curious George Confetti is .5 ounces and if you pour the bag on your party table, over the Curious George Tablecover, this will add a really festive look to your party ... more info

It's Graduation Season, Decorate for the Class of 2014! Celebrate your child's graduation with 2014 graduation confetti! For your high school graduation party be sure to have all the best class of 2014 decorations. 25 pieces per package. 3 long and wide. ... more info

Includes Blister Card includes Party Popper Gun and (2) 6-shot Cartridges. ... more info

Uses compressed air to shoot color-assorted tissue. Shoots confetti 5 to 8 meters (16 to 26 feet) into the air. ... more info

Beistle CN028 30 and Stars Confetti. This confetti has assorted colors and is a mix of the number 30 and stars. There is a half ounce in the package. Spread this birthday confetti on tables to celebrate the person who is turning 30 this year! ... more info

Just a Flick of the Stick launches a Storm of multi-clolred confetti strips. Great for Any Celebration! ... more info

Beistle 50065-BKGD Twirly Whirlys (6 Count). These black and gold twirly whirlys would look great with anything you put them with. They add plenty of festive spirit to your other decorations as well as your home. There are four 24 inch ones and two 36 inc ... more info

Beistle 50227 Fanci-Fetti Footballs (1 Ounce). These small pieces of confetti are brown footballs with die-cut laces. There is 1 ounce of confetti in the package. Spread the confetti on tables to decorate for a football themed party!. ... more info

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