Top 20 Best Selling Concert Snare Drums Concert Percussion (2021)

Featuring brilliant sounding bells with added low F and F# bars. Gibraltar-designed stand, tunable practice pad and all components. Includes a rugged, easily transportable traveler bag. FEATURES: 32-note extended range bells with pitch letter names delete ... more info

16 Lug, Heavy duty throw off metal Picclo snare drum ... more info

These Concert Series Snare Drums are made of a 6-ply maple shell and incorporate many high-end features such as the SR-017 strainer, SuperHoop II hoops, tube lugs and Remo Renaissance heads. The snare strainers consist of 7 strands of thin yellow cable an ... more info

Student Bell Kit (with Rolling Cart) Nylon backpack style carrying case. Separate zippered compartments for protection ... more info

Pearl Championship Series Carbonply Snare Drums are the pinnacle of marching performance. The exact combination of lightweight space-age engineering combined with cutting edge acoustic research and design. ... more info

Pearl Competitor Traditional Snare Drum, 14x12 Inch White ... more info

Hand-held Native American Inspired hoop drums are perfect for drum circles, shamanic healing, meditation, and personal or ceremonial rituals. We lace the drums onto a separate piece of rawhide for even pressure, preventing tearing. The drum handles are wr ... more info

This Pearl Philharmonic 6-ply 100% maple shell delivers the power to be heard, with a dark, full tonal response that has become the preferred sound of orchestras and artists around the world.At the heart of this world famous snare drum is the revolutionar ... more info

This 14 x 8 Supralite Steel Snare from Ludwig incorporates a mirror-polished, 1.5mm steel shell for bright, cutting attack and fat mid-range overtone. The updated 14 x 8 Supralite model boasts chrome-over solid brass tube-lugs, 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops ... more info

Ludwig LB416KT 5x14 Hand Hammered Brass Shell Black Beauty Snare Drum ... more info

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