Top 20 Best Selling Compression Gauges Engine Tools (2021)

Lisle mechanic's stethoscope features a unique sound chamber and super thin diaphragm that greatly amplifies sounds. It quickly pinpoints the source of noises in engines, transmissions, differentials and bearings. ... more info

The Steelman Wireless ChassisEAR is a unique diagnostic device specifically designed to pinpoint squeaks, rattles and any other troublesome noises in faulty Fuel Injectors, Bearings, Gears, Suspension, Transmissions, Differential/CV Joints and under hoods ... more info

Powerbuilt mechanic's stethoscope is used for diagnostic engine work and troubleshooting. Includes medium and long needle probes. ... more info

The STEELMAN ChassisEAR allows user to listen to up to six different locations in one road test and hear noises that cannot be duplicated in the stall. Professional headphones shut out surrounding sound. Six color coded, super sensitive microphone clamps ... more info

Quick and accurate way to locate vehicle noise. Spring diaphragm on end of hose amplifies noise. Includes two hose ends: long rod helps pinpoint noises in hard-to-access areas: short adapter helps locate noise in a broader area of the vehicle. ... more info

Compression tester is made to quickly and accurately check compression on gasoline engines. ... more info

JSP06600 Features: -Chassis EAR II Squeak & Rattle Finder.-Listen to 6 locations in one road test!.-Stethoscope Squeak & Rattle-Finding Kit. Warranty: -90 day warranty on material and workmanship. ... more info

Quickly pinpoints source and location of noise: Faulty Fuel Injectors Under Chassis Under Hood Bearing, Gears and Suspension Transmission Differential/C.V. Joint Wireless Channel Receiver isolates up to 4 different transmitter locations LED lights ... more info

Adapters included: 14mm and 18mm short solid adapter, 14mm and 18mm long flex adapter, and 14mm long reach adapter Screw-in adapters with o-rings provide professional accuracy Long flex 12 hose and adapters eliminate need to remove engine accessories to ... more info

Locates source of engine noise quickly. Listen for trouble by tracing sound of flowing water. Handle is shock proof and disassembles for storage. ... more info

Steelman Mini EngineEAR is a unique diagnostic listening device specifically designed to pin-point squeaks, rattles and any other troublesome noises in faulty Fuel Injectors, Bearings, Gears, Suspension Components, Transmissions, Differential/C.V. Joints. ... more info

NEW Engine Cylinder Compression Gauge Tester. Complete kit comes with adapters for most applications. Check the condition of your piston ring & valve seats. If the compression is low, put small amount of oil in cylinder and see if compression changes. If ... more info

Features and Benefits: Measures cylinder pressure on diesel equipped cars and trucks Records maximum pressure reached during engine test Release valve allows for immediate venting and resets gauge for repeat tests High pressure hose is 16-1/2 long Gauge i ... more info

NEW Automotive Flex Compression Check Tester 14mm & 18mm. Checks cylinder compression from 0 PSI to 300 PSI. (0 to 21kg/cm2).Features:Automotive Flex Compression Check Tester 14mm & 18mm Features a 2-3/4 in. easy-to-read gauge that measures 0 to 300 PSI ( ... more info

No more burning fingers and hands. Just listen for the whistle to find the TDC compression stroke. ... more info

Cylinder leakage gauge makes it easy to conduct leak-down tests-more accurate than standard compression tests. Quickly diagnose internal engine problems such as bad rings, valves and leaking head gaskets. Kit come complete with adapters for most applic ... more info

for use on ford power stoke 6.0l engines found on f-250 through f-550 trucks and international vt 365 engines. 14mm-1.25mm thread to test through glow plug port. for use with cat. No. 34700 diesel compression tester. ... more info

JSP65001 Features: -Non-conductive coating will not ZAP expensive computer circuitry.-Flexibel shaft reaches tight areas.-Quickly pinpoints noise and location of bad bearings, bushings, dirty fuel injectors, wind and air leaks, noisy valves and lifters.-E ... more info

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