Top 20 Best Selling Compasses (2021)

180 degree protractor made of sturdy plastic in assorted colors. ... more info

All-metal spring-bow compass feature a center wheel that delivers precision setting and prevents unintended setting adjustments. Maximum circle diameter is 10-3/8'' (265mm). Design features interchangeable lead part and a nickel finish to resist rust and ... more info

Safe-T 46110 mmArc Protractor Compass Plus - Pack of 1 - 15.8 cm long, Made of Clear Plastic with Bluish Hue, Semicircular side with rotating disc inset on one edge, Spinning & Accurate Protractor revolves easily within a groove, Creates Circles from 10mm ... more info

Ball bearing control creates accurate circles up to 12 Inches in diameter. Features positive pencil lock. Complete with pencil, inch and centimeter guide. 1/Card ... more info

Math set contains 10 items conveniently packed in a metal box for storage. Includes 6 ruler (Imperial and metric), 4 45 degree set square, 4 60 degree set square, 4 180 degree protractor, lettering guide, 4 compass, 4 dividers, wooden pencil, sharpener an ... more info

Draw circles 1/4 to 10 in diameter in 1/16 radius increments Swing your circle holding pen or pencil point in radius hole for desired diameter Direct view of vertex points allows for easier and more accurate constructions Straight edge sides calibrated wi ... more info

A world leader with more than 60 years' experience, Maped offers a large range of products adapted to suit every purpose. Design lies at the heart of our development. All of the design work on Maped products is carried out internally in order to channel a ... more info

Model drawing activities for the whole class. Features Direct View Pivot Point and Quick-Set radius indicator for easy drawing of circles 2-32 in diameter. Built-in protractor, and dual-scale ruler. Use with chalk or dry-erase marker. Suction cup fits sec ... more info

Contemporary design, comfortable handle with must have safety guard. Handle infused with anti-microbial protection to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors. Titanium-bonded blades stay sharper longer. Durable wood base. Trimmer Board Type: Guillotine. She ... more info

975VK (Ecobra)NO STK SEP02 Features: -Compass. ... more info

Explorer compass features2 3/4 easy to read direct reading dialcompact low-profile designquick push-button removal of compass module for storage and securitychoice o ... more info

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