Top 20 Best Selling Coil Lead Wires Ignition & Electrical Performance Parts (2021)

This MSD coil wire makes connecting easy and adapts to HEI style terminals. ... more info

Coil Wire, HEI, Blaster 2, Super Conductor, Black ... more info

This wire separator is designed for 8mm spark plug wires to help minimize ignition crossfire and improve engine performance. It is constructed from high-temperature ABS plastic and is chrome-plated. It also prolongs spark plug wire life by holding wires ... more info

MSD Ignition 2-Pin Deutsch Connector improves the performance of any vehicle鈥檚 ignition system. The compact housing of the connector is molded from a durable plastic material. Each housing is indexed to prevent any chance of mismatching the ends plus it h ... more info

Accel Ignition Coil Wires are designed to provide good ignition. They are made from high quality material that ensures long lasting durability. These wires are weather resistant and facilitate easy installation. ... more info

This ignition wire set features red wires with a resistor wire core that has 40-percent more fire power than most conductors. It is a must for multiple spark ignition systems, on-board computers, electronic ignitions and it eliminates radio frequency inte ... more info

Accel 8.8 mm Universal Stainless Steel Coil Lead kit includes boots and terminals, male and female distributor, coil towers, terminal crimper, anvil tools, silicone lube, and an instruction sheet for easy installation. This kit is designed to provide exce ... more info

ACCEL Universal Spiral Core Coil Lead Kits have everything you need to relocate a remote coil. Compatible with hundreds of different engine combinations, these 20-piece kits include a 42-inch length of 8.8mm spiral core wire, both male/HEI-style and femal ... more info

Moroso Ultra 40 Coil Wire Kit, 72 in.Allows installation of ignition coils in remote locationsKit includes 72 wire, 2-HEI 90 Deg. distr. boots, 2-HEI 90 Deg. S/P boots, 4-HEI terminals, 2-Non-HEI 90 Deg. boots, 4-Non-HEI terminals and 2-coil boots ... more info

The Accel Competition Wire Separator Kits are a least expensive, injection molded set of wire dividers that keep the ignition wires separated. The wires are routed over valve cover. ... more info

Complete, ready-to-install sets available for specific engines Each wire is individually tested for continuity and resistance after termination to ensure race-ready performance ... more info

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