Top 20 Best Selling Clips & Mounts Microphones & Accessories (2021)

The Radius is a vintage-style suspension mount designed to isolate the microphone body from ambient vibration when mounted on a mic stand. The Radius works with Blue’s Yeti and Yeti Pro microphone, as well as virtually any mic with a standard thread mount ... more info

The Samson SP01 Spider Mount is a high-quality shock mount built especially for select Samson condenser mics. The Spider Mount is easy to use as your go-to steady container for your mics when doing studio or field recording sessions. Durable and lightw ... more info

On Stage Microphone Table Mount; Permanent Solution for Microphone Placement! Perfect for a variety of applications, mount a microphone or mic boom arm permanently to a desk or table top, amplifier, wall or podium. Tired of mic'ing your amplifier with a m ... more info

RODE SM3 Shock Mount For Rode Shotguns and NT5 The SM3 is a suspension shock mount with Hot-Shoe adaptor for mounting the RØDE NTG1, NTG2, NTG3, NT3, NT4 & NT5 microphones on video cameras. This allows you to connect your RØDE Microphone to a number o ... more info

Flexible goosenecks in 6, 13 and 19 inch lengths, respectively, attach to any microphone stand or adaptor with standard 5/8 inch -27 male and female threads. Inside diameter is .338 inch. For nearly 20 years, The Music People! Inc. has been on of the nat ... more info

Rode Micro Boom Pole Telescopic Microphone Extension The Rode Micro Boompole provides ultimate boom pole performance in a convenient and portable size. Intuitive twist locks allow the Micro Boompole's three sections to smoothly extend to 6 3/4 inc ... more info

MA200 features 5/8 male to 3/8 female for use with mic stands with European 3/8 threads. ... more info

This break-resistant, swivel adapter features a soft cradle for models 849, SM48, SM57, SM58, SM87A, SM94, Beta 57A, Beta 87, 515X, 545, 565, 588SDX, and BG1.1, 2.1, 3.1, 4.1 and 5.1. For nearly 20 years, The Music People! Inc. has been on of the nation’ ... more info

Securely mounts the Shure models KSM137, KSM141, SM63, SM63L, SM63LB, SM81, VP64A, VP64AL, MX412, MX418, MX412S, MX418S, MX412SE, and the MX418SE microphones to standard microphone stands. ... more info

Holds most beverage containers and fits snuggly on a standard mic stand. Made of resilient spring steel then coated in protective PVC for grip and durability. Also fits on lawn chairs ice houses bird feeders crutches or any vertical 1/2-inch tubing. ... more info

On Stage TM03 Table Microphone ClampOn-Stage TM03 Table Microphone Clamp is a C-shaped mounting clamp, ideal for table top applications like school, or public functions. Save space with this compact design that virtually sits flush with your desktop. The ... more info

Unbreakable slide style mic clip. 1.1 diameter opening tapers to 1.0. Standard US thread on base. ... more info

The Movo Photo SMM1 microphone shock mount features a four-point suspension to accommodate shotgun microphones measuring ¾ to 1 (19-25mm) in diameter. The shockmount is easily angled with its rubberized adjustment knob. There is a built-in shoe for camera ... more info

On Stage MY251 Elliptical Microphone ClipThe On Stage MY251 is a 25 mm elliptical shape microphone clip with brass female threads. For nearly 20 years, The Music People! Inc. has been one of the nation’s leading suppliers of microphones and pro audio equi ... more info

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