Top 20 Best Selling Climbing Hardware (2021)

Use the GRIPMASTER Hand Strengthener, for outstanding hand, wrist, and forearm strength, critical to climbers. The consistent ability to securely grasp & lock onto a crag or burr is essential. No other hand exerciser on the planet can isolate and develop ... more info

The ziplines help improve strength, athletic skills, and balance all while riding a just a few feet off the ground. Follow the directions and your zipline will be set up in 30 minutes. The strong steel trolley comes fully assembled. Trolley has sealed bal ... more info

The benchmark for handled ascenders has been refined to provide greater comfort; efficiency, ease of use. The ergonomically shaped grip is over molded with rubber for greater friction and the broader surface provides greater comfort while pulling on the a ... more info

FEATURES of the Petzl Tandem Speed Pulley Stainless steel sheaves for excellent durability Sheave mounted on sealed ball bearings for excellent efficiency Accepts up to three carabiners to facilitate use SPECIFICATIONS of the Petzl Tandem Speed Pulley Wei ... more info

DECENT FEATURES of the Black Diamond Neutrino Rackpack Compact, full-function design Large rope-bearing surface Anodized in Camalot and C3 colors for easy indexing The SPECS Weight: 7.8 oz / 216 g Closed Gate Strength: 5.395 lbf / 24 kN Open Gate Strength ... more info

Often copied but never equaled, the Black Diamond ATC provides lightweight and durable belaying and rappelling performance anytime, anywhere. ... more info

This large figure-8 style descender is an ideal choice because is allows for smooth rope action while descending or belaying. It is light-weight yet strong. ... more info

Most agree that zipline kits are one of the most exciting items that you can put in your backyard for hours of enjoyment. The Night Riderz zipline kit extends your zipline fun into the night with 50 LED lights on the seat, rope and trolley. Brand 44 zipli ... more info

BD's most versatile belay/rappel device, the Black Diamond ATC-Guide is now even lighter thanks to windows machined through the body. BD also enlarged the auto-block release hole to accept a small carabiner. Multiple friction modes provide the optimal amo ... more info

Use the Liberty Mountain Lapis brush to clean climbing holds without damaging or polishing the rock. ... more info

An essential belay/rappel package, the Black Diamond Big Air XP Package features its new ATC-XP and a Mini Pearabiner screwgate carabiner. ... more info

The FIXE pulley is lightweight, compact, and quick to install on the rope. It offers a good balance between weight and strength. ... more info

DECENT FEATURES of the Petzl Oscillante Pulley Quick and easy installation due to the swinging side plates Nylon sheave and aluminum side plates for excellent strength to weight ratio The SPECS of the Petzl Oscillante Pulley Weight: 42 g Case Quantity: 12 ... more info

This multi-purpose belay/rappel device is ultra-light (59 g, 25 % lighter than the REVERSO 3) and intuitive to use. V-shaped friction channels with asymmetrical lateral grooves adapt the friction to the type of rope for better control (ARC technology: bra ... more info

Turn your backyard into an adventure park! Most people agree that zip line kits are one of the most exciting items that you can put in your backyard for hours and hours of enjoyment. The Eagle series zip line kit includes a seat attached by a rope making ... more info

Turn ziplining into your favorite nighttime activity with the Night Riderz Flying Saucer Seat. With over 30 multicolored LED lights on the seat and adjustable 10' rope, you will be ziplining through the night. The Night Riderz Seat is a fun addition to an ... more info

Increasing your chances of grabbing a cam that fits, the Camalot's double-axle design allows retraction of larger cam lobes, giving these cams a much larger expansion range than single-axle units. Because loading forces are shared between both axles, this ... more info

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