Top 20 Best Selling Cleaning Supply Dispensers Cleaning Chemicals (2022)

C-Clear lens cleaning towelette dispenser. Towelette dispenser comes completely assembled and ready for use. Manufactured with sturdy corrugated cardboard featuring pull out bottom for easy dispensing and built in tab for hanging. Holds 100 - towelette me ... more info

Durable, high performance systems that optimize space utilization. Twice as much product fits in the same space as used by traditional bag-in-box dispensing systems. A variety of dispensing options are available. ... more info

SofPull centerpull paper towels provide a hygienic, cost-effective alternative to full-size towel dispensers. Each sheet dispenses fully open and ready to use, delivering the right amount of toweling to handle hand drying or any size clean-up need quickly ... more info

Attractive Compact double roll, side-by-side coreless bathroom tissue dispensing system provides up to six times the capacity of single standard 2-ply rolls while maintaining your professional look. This dispenser delivers 3000 sheets of quality 2-ply tis ... more info

Our Safe-T-Gard seat cover dispensing system solution delivers clean, white seat covers for increased protection against germs at an economical cost. Our quality seat covers provide a low-cost alternative to wasteful makeshift seat covers comprising of ex ... more info

This new and improved cloth is effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria and viruses. Kills HIV in thirty (30) seconds and TB in five (5) minutes. ... more info

Alternative High Capacity Roll Towel Replacement for use with Wall Mount Automated Touch-Free Dispensers. Designed primarily for hand-drying in washrooms, super soft & absorbent. Fits (Touch-less/Automated/Manual) 10 Roll Towel Dispensers Compati ... more info

Corrosion-resistant valve dispenses commercially marketed all-purpose hand soaps. Container is satin-finish stainless steel. Soap refill window. Concealed wall fastening. Hinged filler-top requires special key to open. Vandal-resistant. Measures 7 width b ... more info

Wowerful! Trust the clean. Wow Your senses! Give your hands the soothing experience of Aloe Vera that keeps your hands feeling moisturized and clean. ... more info

Compactcoreless bathroom tissue is the answer to your core needs. Specifically designed to fit GP Compact Tissue Dispensers and increase tissue capacity while optimizing storage space, this cost-effective coreless tissue will satisfy all of your customer ... more info

The GOJO 5762-04 is a four-pack of 18 oz. bottles of orange-blossom-scented foam soap that cleans hands with antibacterial power. This luxury foam soap is intended for antibacterial, light-duty cleaning, and is pre-lathered for convenience. Since 1946, ... more info

The PURELL 8705-D1 2 Piece ADX Advanced instant hand sanitizer foam refill dispenser kit includes the PURELL 8728-06 ADX-7 brushed chrome and black manual push hand sanitizer dispenser, and a 700 mL refill bottle of PURELL 8705 advanced instant hand sani ... more info

Compactcoreless bath tissue is the answer to your core needs. Specifically designed to increase tissue capacity, Compact allows you to convert existing dispensers with the use of specially designed dispenser spindles. Up to twice the capacity means less m ... more info

C-Clear lens cleaning towelette canister. Towelette canister comes completely assembled and ready for use. Features pull out towelette for easy dispensing. Extremely portable pop up design is excellent for trucks and toolboxes. Contains 100 pre-moistened ... more info

Fits both 3/4 and 2 openings. Includes one pail adapter that snaps onto 5-gallon pails. Pumps 8 ounces per stroke. Pump fits 15-, 30- and 55-gallon drums. ... more info

C-Clear bullk packed lens cleaning towelette dispenser. Anti-fog, anti-static formula. Bullk packed lens cleaning towelette. Towelette measures 8-inches length by 5-inches width. ... more info

Clean and rejuvenate rubber rollers, golf club grips, rubber speaker surrounds, and other moving rubber parts with CAIG's RBR rubber cleaner and rejuvenator. Concentrated 25 mL bottle with needle dispenser. ... more info

C-Clear small lens cleaning disposable station. Sturdy, economical, lens cleaning station provide instant access for all lens cleaning needs in the plant or office. Strategically placed stations will promote proper lens cleaning techniques extending the l ... more info

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