Top 20 Best Selling Cleaning & Care Woodwind Accessories (2021)

Dunlop Standard Nylon Medium Gauge .73mm 12/pkView larger Dunlop Standard Nylon Medium Gauge .73mm 12/pkView larger Dunlop Nylon Standard The Dunlop Nylon Standard is legendary for its resilience and durability. Thinner models are perfect for acoustic st ... more info

Keep your instrument clean and playing consistently with superior quality swabs and brushes made by HW Products. Only the best methods and materials are used to make tools that safely and easily sweep particles away and remove damaging moisture from criti ... more info

The silk clarinet swabs are perfect for both professionals and students alike. The silk fabric and the swabs shape make it virtually impossible for the swab to get stuck in the instrument. This offers a great advantage over traditional swabs. ... more info

This flute maintenance kit contains the necessary items you need to keep your instrument in good playing condition. All products are packaged in a clear-plastic bag, and a booklet is included that explains proper instrument care for your instrument. ... more info

This has just about everything you will need to keep your sax looking and playing like new. ... more info

Hodge ASB1 Silk Alto Saxophone Swab, Black ... more info

Highly absorbent pull through cotton swab. ... more info

Hodge Silk Swabs are premium swabs made from 100% silk for removing moisture from woodwind instruments after each use. Hodge uses silk because it is absorbent, lint free and compressible. They do not leave lint in the keys. They are not stored inside the ... more info

Premium quality cork grease used to lubricate corks on jointed woodwing instruments ... more info

Proven the number 1 selling woodwind swab for over 25 years, the Original H.W. Pad-Saver de-moisturizer is the woodwind players best friend in instrument maintenance. Designed to be left in the instrument while not being played, these swabs draw and dissi ... more info

The Giardinelli Bb Clarinet Handkerchief Swab is fashioned from soft cotton surrounding an enclosed weight. Great to keep handy for clarinet maintenance. ... more info

This 100% silk swab is one of the best swabs available. Very absorbent, this swab features a tapered cut to limit the chance of getting stuck in the instrument. Color not guaranteed to be as pictured. ... more info

Designed to be left in the instrument, the bell brush draws out and dissipates the corrosive moisture that can collect in the tone holes, pads and bore. The exclusive, flexible design easily conforms to the curve of the sax bell, which tends to be the dir ... more info

Yamaha cleaning papers remove moisture, oil, grime, etc. from the pads, extending pad life. ... more info

Micro delivers Pad and Cork Cement in this handy 1/2-oz. tube. ... more info

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