Top 20 Best Selling Clarinet Mouthpieces (2021)

Responsive and easy to control in all registers. Like the 5RV, Vandoren 5RV Lyre Bb clarinet mouthpiece is an excellent choice for the advancing student or for general playing. With a slightly more open tip, the Vandoren 5RV Lyre takes a slightly lighter ... more info

Clark Fobes Debut Bb Clarinet MouthpieceBuild Good Embouchure and ToneThe Fobes Debut mouthpieces have a fairly close facing that insures good resistance and focus to the sound. The result of this is better muscular developent of the embouchureHand Finish ... more info

The Yamaha 4C Bb clarinet mouthpiece is made of high quality resin designed to produce a well-balanced tone with all the flexibility the player requires. With a tip opening of 1.05mm and a facing length of 19mm the 4C mouthpiece provides a well-balanced t ... more info

If there is a universal mouthpiece, it is the Vandoren B45. With an intermediate tip opening and a medium-long facing, it is appreciated by most clarinetists. ... more info

Uniquely designed, adjustable jaws are precision-machined to fit most brass instruments. Easily remove any stuck mouthpiece without leaving marks. Lightweight aluminum construction. ... more info

M13 Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece Profile 88 offers many of the characteristics of older American mouthpieces which are so widely sought after. The M13 permits easy blowing with harder reeds and produces a rich, dark, centered sound. Response is particularly sen ... more info

The 5RV is a music industry standard mouthpiece for the discerning clarinetist. With a wonderful tone and traditional qualities, this mouthpiece is the top choice by many top clarinet artists. ... more info

The new MASTERS mouthpieces feature a specific bore, a new chamber as well as a new exterior design. Three models have been developed with facings specific to this series: CL4, CL5 and CL6. They are very easy blowing and have exceptional sound and tuning ... more info

Ideal for the advancing student, the Fobes Nova bass clarinet mouthpiece employs many features only found on $200+ custom mouthpieces. Designed with a Chedeville style baffle, the Nova has Clark's most popular facing (CF+). Made of dense hard rubber for a ... more info

Gigliotti Spectrum is a high quality composite mouthpiece that comes in a dazzling variety of colors. ... more info

Original equipment on models 1400 & 1401 clarinets and Bundy II saxophones. Acoustically matched for optimum response and intonation. Durable plastic material. ... more info

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