Top 20 Best Selling Clamps Hand Tools (2021)

The ultimate clamp for joining 90-degree Pocket-Screw joints. Features a steel pin on one arm that fits snuggly into one Pocket-Hole to clamp the-pieces together as you drive a screw into an adjacent hole. ... more info

Feature: Float designed to keep your camera with a waterproof shell, LCD Bacpac, Battery Bacpac, WI-FI Bacpac and Dive Housing and other parts of the case, easy to float in the water. Adjustable wrist strap. Compatible with Gopro Hero 1 / Hero 2 / Hero 3 ... more info

Irregular shapes, unusual objects, picture frames or circular work are no match for this innovative new Bessey clamp. With a 23 long x 1 wide, high tensile strength polyester no stretch strap that winds up for safe and easy management, and four unique var ... more info

Wilton 11104 Wilton Bench Vise, Jaw Width 4-Inch, Jaw Opening 4-Inch ... more info

IRWIN Tools 512QCN Quick-Grip One Handed Bar Clamp and Spreader Clamp, 12, is the next generation, improved one-handed bar clamp. This Irwin Quick-Grip delivers 300 pounds of sustained clamping force, an I-beam bar and locking swivel jaw. The new feature ... more info

Our 4-Inch stainless steel Key Hose Clamps hand tighten for a leak-proof seal, even in tight spaces. No tools required. 5-Pack.Provides leak-proof sealEasy to tightenNo tools required ... more info

The Wolfcraft Right Angle Clamp is a durable aluminum tool that is very effective for making cabinets or box-frames, and functions as a third hand for the every handyman. It's useful function of an assembly aid helps in the alignment and clamping of parts ... more info

The Contractor C50 50in. All-In-One Clamp is a contractor-grade straight edge clamp used primarily as a guide for making straight cuts with circular saws and routers. It is both rigid and light, making it quick to position and lock in place. The aluminum ... more info

Ultra-efficient binder clips feature handles that can be hung, folded flat against clipped material or removed for permanent binding. Efficient triangular design provides optimum strength and compression. Clip/Clamp Type: Binder Clips; Color(s): Black;Sil ... more info

Great for projects around the house or in the garage, the TEKTON Mini Spring Clamps can take on any project. The clamps feature a rugged nylon and fiberglass construction. Cushioned, non-slip textured handle grips are comfortable to use. Non-slip, pivotin ... more info

Quick Fist holds objects 1-inch to 1-3/4-inches (25 millimeters to 45 millimeters) in diameter. Mounts easily to keep shovels, axes, hoses and other tools or implements securely in place. Use on work vehicles, trailers, fire and police units, off road tru ... more info

3-Inch, Jaw Opening: 2-Inch, Jaw Width: 3-Inch. ... more info

Constructed from metal, with a plastic vinyl coating, these multi-purpose clips can be used for....well, everything! Use them on chip bags, clothes pins, bookmarks, hanging messages, document holders, and much more! You'll get 25 clips, in assorted prima ... more info

Plantronics 06439-20 Cable Guide 06439-20 Cabling Components ... more info

IRWIN Tools 524QCN Quick-Grip One Handed Bar Clamp and Spreader Clamp, 24 inch, is the next generation, improved one-handed bar clamp. This Irwin Quick-Grip delivers 300 pounds of sustained clamping force, an I-beam bar and locking swivel jaw. The new fea ... more info

Pixy Cubes contains three activities in one creative game! Play the challenge cards or design colorful pictures with 16 vibrant cubes. Sharpen your memory and spatial reasoning with the challenge cards. For a unique 3 dimensional puzzle, pick a design ca ... more info

The PanaVise 201 Junior miniature vise is a combination of quality workmanship and durability, ease of adjustment and available accessories. Designed for use in small projects requiring precise soldering, gluing and tool work, the 201 Junior miniature v ... more info

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