Top 20 Best Selling Clamp Meters Current Testers (2021)

The Fluke 323 digital clamp meter is a true RMS sensing, auto-ranging multimeter for measuring current, voltage, and resistance in electrical testing applications. It has a clamp that measures AC current to 400 amp. The clamp has two jaws that can close a ... more info

The Fluke 324 True RMS Clamp Meter has been developed for commercial, light, industrial, HVAC, residential and DIY applications. with a resistance measurement up to 40 kΩ with continuity detection, the Fluke 324 is designed to perform in the toughest envi ... more info

The fluke 325 True RMS Clamp Meter has been developed for commercial, light, industrial, HVAC, residential and DIY applications. The Fluke 325 stands out in the 320 series with its capability to measure capacitance, contact temperature, DC current and fre ... more info

Features: Perform measurements of AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, frequency, duty, capacitance, as well as continuity and diode test. Display: 4000 counts with analog bar LCD display Maximum voltage between terminals and earth ground: DC 1000V or ... more info

Klein Tools, Inc., CL200, CL200 Klein 600A Clamp Meter, CL200 Klein 600A Clamp Meter ... more info

About the Fluke 116/323 116 TrueRMS Digital Multimeter/323 TrueRMS Clamp Meter HVAC Combo KitFluke 116 TrueRMS Digital Multimeter/323 TrueRMS Clamp Meter HVAC Combo Kit is the new direct replacement for the obsolete 116/322 HVAC combo kit. For the complet ... more info

The Ideal Industries TL-102 is a set of probe-style replacement test leads for the 61-090 and 61-092 voltage testers and 61-702 and 61-704 clamp meters that is color-coded—one red and one black—for different testing applications and silicone-insulated fo ... more info

Product Information:Fluke 902 TrueRMS HVAC Clamp On Meter provides the accuracy, reliability and ruggedness that defines Fluke test tools. It is designed for HVAC technicians for the systems they service and install daily. Heating, ventilation, air condit ... more info

The Sinometer UT204 is an Auto/Manual range True RMS AC/DC clamp meter, it can be used to measure AC/DC voltage and current. Also you can use it to measure resistance, frequency, continuity test, diode check & duty cycle. For your convenience, it comes w ... more info

The Fluke 360 current leakage clamp-meter is an average-sensing, auto-ranging digital meter for measuring leakage AC (alternating current) from 1μA to 60A; to check the condition of conductor insulation in electrical testing applications. The clamp has t ... more info

Enables clamp meter user to measure AC current on a 2-wire or 3-wire power cord to 15A. Plugging the power connector into the line splitter separates the hot/live conductor from the neutral and ground. Provides safe measurements of current without the nee ... more info

IDEAL 61-746 Clamp-Pro Clamp Meter 600 Amp with True RMS measures up to 600AC with auto/manual ranging. It has tapered jaws with a hook tip for a more secure clamp. The data hold keeps previous data and the tip of your fingers while the auto power off wil ... more info

Product Information:Fluke 771 Milliamp Process Clamp On Meter with NonContact mA Loop can measure mA signals without breaking the loop. The popular Fluke 771 mA Clamp Meter saves time by making fast, accurate measurements on 420 mA signal loops without br ... more info

KLEIN AC CLAMP METER 600A Diode test Continuity Backlit display and work light Includes case, test, leads and batteries ... more info

The Fluke 375 True-RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter is a workhorse clamp meter with increased performance and flexibility. The meter can read up to 600 V and 600 A in both ac and dc modes, and is capable of frequency measurement up to 500 Hz. Additionally, the 375 i ... more info

The Fluke 373 True-RMS AC Clamp Meter offers improved performance perfect for any ac only current measurement situations. The clamp meter features a 600 A ac current measurement with a fixed jaw and a 600 V ac and dc voltage measurement. Features true-rms ... more info

The Fluke i410 current clamp is an accessory that extends the range of digital multimeters for measuring current in electrical testing applications. An attached 1.6m output cable connects the clamp to a compatible multimeter that can accept safety-shroude ... more info

•Wireless Measurements for faster, more accurate readings •180º Swivel Head Clamp to easily view your results at any angle •Clamp Flashlight to illuminate wires in dark spaces •Bright Blue Backlight stays on for 3 minutes for easy readings •Rugged Con ... more info

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