Top 20 Best Selling Chucks Lathe Accessories (2020)

Converts your Shop Smith lathe spindle so that you can use chucks with a 1 x 8 tpi thread size. Adapts to your 5/8-inch no thread spindle to accomodate any 1 x 8 tpi female mount accessory. Made of steel, and has set screw to tighten to the flat on the ... more info

Considering their through-hardened jaws and superior internal construction, it's no surprise that these Jacobs庐 drill chucks are the most popular on the market. Chucks include key. ... more info

SDS-Plus Shank 3 Jaw Chuck with Integral Bosch parts keep your tools working their best for any application you can come up with. Features: 1/2 Chuck Bosch has been in the headlines of state of the art development for over 100 years. From the invention of ... more info

Get a better bite on your spindle with PSI's new 5/8 Super Center . More teeth give a better bite while providing equal pressure and a positive drive. There is no need to hammer your drive center into the work piece and risk splitting your work. ... more info

Get a powerful grip on your work with the PSI Woodworking CSC3000C Barracuda Wood Lathe Key Chuck System. The T handle chuck key enables you to use one hand to tighten the jaws. Suitable for Mini, Midi & Full sized lathes Comes in a 9-pc molded carrying ... more info

NOVA 48202 G3 wood turning chuck insert type is a 4 jaw self centering geared chuck, suitable for smaller lathes with up to 14 In. swing. With unique NOVA features such as auto stop, copper composite jaw slides, Woodworm Screw, comfortable T bar handle an ... more info

Sold as each. 3/8 chuck. 24 thread chuck mount. Retrofits drill. Peggable clamshell. Manufacturer's number: 30354. Country of origin: United States. Distributed by Danaher Tool Group. ... more info

NOVA supernova2 23055 wood turning chuck insert type is a 4 jaw self centering geared chuck, suitable for a wide variety of lathes with up to 20 In. swing. Packed with unique NOVA features such as composite indexing back, auto stop, copper composite jaw s ... more info

Ideally suited for turnings up to 12 or so in diameter, this chuck will thread directly onto lathes with a 1 x 8tpi spindle. The chuck also has a set screw lock so you can lock it to the spindle for reverse turning. This package includes the standard JS50 ... more info

Ideal for mini, midi, and smaller lathes or for smaller turnings on a larger lathe. The Nova Precision Midi Chuck is packed with features and uses the same accessories as the Nova, Super Nova, Super Nova2 and the Nova Titan Chucks (without the need to use ... more info

The PSI Woodworking LA11418 Headstock Spindle Adapter converts your lathe spindle so that you can use a chuck with a different thread size. Converts a spindle thread of 1-1/4 x 8 tpi to a 1 x 8 tpi male thread. Made of steel. Has flats to allow you to ... more info

4 piece Center Set contains hard to find replacement centers for wood lathes equipped with a #2 MT headstock and tailstock. Contains a 5/8 diameter headstock spur center for narrow spindles, a 1 diameter headstock spur center for standard spindles, a liv ... more info

Now you will no longer have to match your project to a fixed dimension jaw set! Instead, you can quickly and easily design one-of-a-kind jaw sets to fit your special project needs. This new jaw set consists of 4 segments of high quality soft nylon which c ... more info

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