Top 20 Best Selling Chrome & Metal Polishes Car Polishes & Waxes (2022)

Used by professionals for years, Simichrome does a beautiful job of removing surface rust from chrome, polishing aluminum until it looks like new, even sprucing up delicate, heirloom family silver without leaving scratches or abrasive marks. Its unique, f ... more info

Meguiar's Ultimate Polish is a pre-waxing glaze that eliminates fine swirl marks to produce deep, wet reflections with high gloss. Ultimate Polish also adds depth of color, especially on dark-colored cars, & leaves the paint finish incredibly clear & glos ... more info

Make your silver shine. Wright's silver cream is the original, gentle, all purpose polish for all silver. It removes tarnish quickly, leaving a brilliant and even shine. It also works beautifully on stainless steel, chrome, porcelain, and much more. ... more info

Safely removes hairline scratches or other minor imperfections from automotive plastics. It is the recommended follow-up step after using 3M(TM) Plastic Cleaner PN 39017. ... more info

NEVR-DULL WADDING POLISH For cleaning and polishing all metals. Easy to use, just tear off a small wad and rub slowly over surface to be cleaned, buff gently with dry cloth. Rust and tarnish disappear, leaving a high luster and protective film. Highlights ... more info

Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish - 10 ounce features the legendary metal polish. Mothers secret formula balances a brilliant shine with ease-of-use for aluminum wheels and parts, brass, alloys and accessories. The application is just a matter of a clean cl ... more info

Polish - Paste - Gallon CanPart #: CA 03588One product, Many uses. Metal, Plastic, Fiberglass, Glass, Corian...This is the Flitz signature product. A concentrated cream, Flitz Polish is unsurpassed in its ability to Clean, Polish, Deoxidize and Protect. F ... more info

Meguiar's Ultra Finishing Polish uses an advanced technology formula to produce a deep gloss and rich, swirl-free results with deep reflections and gloss. ... more info

Auto polish creates a mirror like shine while it works to retard acid rain, road salt deterioration, tar, sap, rust, corrosion, dulling, minor bird dropping permeation, bugs, tree branch scratches and more. It produces a super durable high gloss finish wi ... more info

Turtle Wax is the number one selling brand of car care products in the world with sales in 90 countries. Founded more than 60 years ago in Chicago, the company is recognized for manufacturing appearance and performance car care products for the retail con ... more info

DuPont Pro-Fusion Polish restores the color of your car. ... more info

Fine glass polish is for mild spots you normally see on your windshield, sunroof and side glass. Spots that are visible but hard to feel with your fingernails. For water spots that normally occur on shower doors and that you can feel with your fingernails ... more info

This polish is thick, rich and easy-to-use. Gently deep cleans and brightens chrome bumpers, wheels, trim and accessories. Advanced polymers help protect against fingerprints, spotting, rust and corrosion. Mothers Chrome Polish will not streak, scratch or ... more info

Blue-Job Chrome Restorer, The World's Best Chrome Polish. Removes the Exhaust Pipe Blues, Burnt On Shoe Rubber, yellowing, Surface Rust and Fingerprints. Contains 14 grams* but is enough to completely restore a 2 sets of pipes. This kit comes with the sup ... more info

DuPont Pro-Fusion Scratch Repair Stick repairs clear coat scratches fast. ... more info

PolyWatch Scratch Remover Polish Great For Removing Scratches From Plastic Watch Crystals. This is a new tube of polyWatch scratch remover polish. This removes scratches from plastic watch crystals. Apply a small amount of polyWatch to the crystal and pol ... more info

Never Dull Metal Polish consists of a unique non-scratching wadding impregnated with a special polishing solution. It is perfect for cleaning and polishing brass, aluminum, nickel, pewter, silver, copper, steel, chromium, zinc, and gold. It safely remov ... more info

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