Top 20 Best Selling Christianity Theology Magazines (2021)

Essays and reviews aimed at pastors and laypersons dealing with questions of belief and ministry. Includes sermon studies based on the three year lectionary. ... more info

Publishes articles and brief notes on subjects of particular interest to Orthodox Christians and those interested in Orthodoxy on: scripture, doctrine, ethics, church history, liturgics and iconography. ... more info

Serve the community of Reformed theological scholarship, and through it, the ministers and members of the Reformed churches. ... more info

Contains Biblical and theological articles and book reviews. ... more info

A popularization of contextual theological literature. ... more info

The Vidyajyoti Journal of Theological Reflection contains commentary and essays by Asian theologians involved in the movement to assist the poor in Latin America. ... more info

Contains theological articles. ... more info

In addition to recension of specialized reviews, also includes original thematic recensions in the shape of ecclesiology, philosophy or patrology bulletins. Contains several philosophical and purely theological articles. ... more info

Studies on religion, Bible, church history, theology and philosophy of religion. ... more info

Carries news and information on the bibliography of theology and philosophy in the United Kingdom. ... more info

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