Top 20 Best Selling Chopsticks & Chopstick Holders Flatware (2020)

It is great gift fot family members, friends. Gift Box is included. ... more info

From the original bamboo cutting board company, Totally Bamboo, these chopsticks are a beautiful, functional and ecologically sound addition to any kitchen. Each set includes 5 pairs of chopsticks with an attractive twist design. From the original bamboo ... more info

A Set has 5 Pairs Chopsticks 9 Long Chopsticks Made by Natural Bamboo Japanese Bamboo Chopsticks with Gift Box Brand New in Gift Box ... more info

The Force is strong in these chopsticks! Replicas of Darth Vader's lightsaber now in chopstick form! The perfect gift for your favorite (hungry) Sith Lord! ... more info

This Chinese individual wrapped disposable bamboo chopsticks pack each pair of the chopsticks is individually wrapped to promote a good sanitary environment. No need to wash it, just use it once and throw it out. Chinese restaurants uses these chopsti ... more info

Purple colour chopstick Length: approx. 220mm ... more info

Each chopstick wrapped in a paper sleeve, and just break apart and use it! ... more info

No matter if this is your first pair of chopsticks or you have been using chopsticks all your life, you would enjoy using these handsome stainless steel chopsticks for your authentic Asian cuisine. Stylish two-tone finish (brushed top and brilliant lower) ... more info

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