Top 20 Best Selling Chipotle Single Herbs & Spices (2021)

Dried chilies from smoked jalapenos. They add a wonderfully rich smokey flavor to a wide variety of barbecue sauces and chicken. Also great for frijoles charros. ... more info

Jansal Valley Chipotle Powder, 20 Ounce . Chipotle seeds and pods are ground to create this deep reddish brown powder. The chiles are smoked, then dried and ground and provide a nice boost of flavor and heat to a variety of dishes. ... more info

Chipotle Chile (Capsicum annuum) powder is made from grinding whole Chipotles, seeds and pod both. This Chipotle Powder is 100% pure to provide an authentic flavor. Chipotle Peppers are the familiar Jalapeno Chile, first smoked, then dried. They have a de ... more info

Whole Chipotle Meco Chiles Dried - Chile Chipotle Mecca 8 Oz ... more info

Chipotles en Adobo are smoky chipotle chiles in a tomato-vinegar sauce. To use, just add a few chipotles (whole or pureed) with a bit of the adobo sauce to soups, stews, and sauces ... more info

Intriguing, powerful personalities, chili peppers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, tastes, aromas, and potency. Universally popular, they're enjoyed for their ability to perk up virtually any dish. ... more info

100% Natural Sweet & Smoky Dried Pablano Peppers Most commonly used in Authentic Mexican Cooking 1 Pound Bag The Ancho is the sweetest of the Dried Chiles ... more info

A smoked jalapeno pepper with a smoky, sweet taste and a medium, lingering heat. Gourmet New Mexico foods. Use in sauces, soups and stews. Great with chocolate. ... more info

Guajillo chile peppers are very common to Mexican cooking. Along with anchos, they're the most commonly used chiles in Mexico. What the anchos are to 'deep' and 'rich', guajillos are to 'spicy' and 'dynamic'... a puree of toasted, rehydrated guajillo sing ... more info

Our Smoked Chipotle Powder is made from the red-ripe Jalapeno pepper known as the Morita Pepper, smoked in an enclosed smokehouse in traditional wood boxes, this process is the key to this rich, smoky, tangy and sweet flavored Smoked Chipotle Powder. On a ... more info

Smoked red jalapeno peppers in spices, vinegar, tomatoes and ancho chiles. (pronounced cheePOHTlay). Delicious Chipotles CHIPOTLE PEPPERS A chipotle pepper is a red Jalapeo chile, ripened, dried, and smoked through a special process. Derived from the ... more info

Southwestern Chipotle Flavor Cube is a convenient way to create a complete Tex-Mex meal with one complex, all-natural seasoning blend. The recipes are easy. Each making 4-6 servings with simple pantry items. ... more info

Traditional Smokey chipotle chilies with bold spices. Great on chicken and pork. ... more info

Chipotle Parmesan Corn on the Cob Seasoning is an all-natural, slightly spicy blend of chipotle peppers, parmesan cheese, onion, garlic and salt. It's a deliciously cheesy way to spice up the flavor of corn on the cob - grilled or boiled. Just shake on ... more info

Smoky chipotle chilies make a perfect counterpoint to the fruity, bittersweet intensity of our 70% chocolate mexicano. With the medium-hot tingle from the chilies and the rustic texture of our stone-milled dark chocolate, chipotle chocolate mexicano is a ... more info

Ingredients: Spices (sweet chili pepper, chipotle chili pepper, cayenne pepper, oregano, thyme, cumin, parsley, savory, marjoram, bay, basil, rosemary, mustard, coriander), garlic, onion, carrot, sugar, citric acid, orange peel, modified food starch, rice ... more info

Spice up chicken and pork with Weber All Natural Bold 'n Smokey Chipotle Seasoning to create a backyard favorite. This flavorful blend mixes the traditional smoky flavor of chipotle with the bold flavor of red chili. ... more info

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