Top 20 Best Selling Chemicals Screen Printing (2019)

Makes fine line drawings, computer generated images various hand and commercial lettering and photographic half tone positives.-Quart of photo emulsion must be mixed with diazo sensitizer.-Made in USA.-Manufacturer provides 3 year shelf life when unmixed. ... more info

Qt CCI DXP Diazo-Photopolymer Dual Cure Direct EmulsionExtremely durable and resistant to pinholing and breakdownOutstanding resolution and definition qualities along with high abrasionHigh solids content 44% for quick stencil buildupIncludes sensitizer a ... more info

SolarFast Thickener comes in a 4oz bottle and is used to thicken SolarFast dyes for better control or for screen printing applications. ... more info

EZ Air Silkscreen Cleaner 4 Ounce Bottle is Based on a Non-Solvent Citric Acid Formula that is Highly Effective for Cleaning: Plastisols, Water-Based Inks. ... more info

Recommended for use with the 1500 PSI Pressure Washer for aid in removing the emulsion quickly. Do not let emulsion remover dry on your screen! That causes emulsion lock and may ruin the screen. Works best if you mix it in a jug and then pour into a spray ... more info

Used with either water or solvent-based inks on polyester screen fabrics only. (Reclaim screen with Ulano Stencil Remover No. 4). ... more info

Apply to 8XX polyester screen for textile inks. Use finer mesh for poster inks. For block-out, use the same emulsion. Washes out of screen with Ulano Stencil Remover .4. Sensitizer included. ... more info

For dissolving inks. Spray on dried-on area of screen. For all solvent-based screen printing inks. (Not for lacquer-based stencils). ... more info

System 3 Screen Drawing Fluid is applied by brush directly to the screen to create the drawn image. It can be applied accurately when used full strength, but it must be diluted with water for application on finer detail areas. ... more info

This medium retards the drying of System 3 Acrylic Colors on the screen, which reduces the risk of screen blocking, and makes the paint easier to wash out. The colors retain great density even after mixing with Print Medium. Very substantial covering powe ... more info

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