Top 20 Best Selling Chemicals Darkroom Supplies (2021)

PEC-12 Photographic Emulsion Cleaner is an archival, non-water based  cleaner for color & black and white prints, slides and negatives. PEC-12 removes ink, finger oils, adhesives, mildew and other non-water based stains. In many cases, PEC-12 removes grea ... more info

Wired remote commander with a cable length of approximately 80cm. Control shutter capture, movie record start/stop as well as optical & digital zoom capabilities. Intended for use with models utilizing Sony’s ‘Multi’ terminal found on both the new SLT-A58 ... more info

Photographers' Formulary Liquid Cyanotype is in convenient ready-to-use liquid form. This kit contains two solutions: A and B, as well as a small packet of sizing agent. Cyanotype is one of the oldest photographic processes and one of the least expensive. ... more info

Boring black and white photographs can be transformed into beautiful full colored prints with Marshall's Hobby Set. The paints are permanent and acid-free. They will not fade or harm your photographs, which makes them perfect for scrapbooking or tinting f ... more info

Decreases the water-surface tension on the emulsionMinimizes water marks and streaks on filmPromotes faster, more uniform drying ... more info

D-76 provides full emulsion speed and excellent shadow detail with normal contrast, and produces fine grain.One gallon mix is in powder form and must be mixed with water before use.You'll find it an excellent choice for almost any general photo applicatio ... more info

Photo-grade Sodium Thiosulfate, Penta 1-pound. Large, colorless/white, odorless crystals or a coarse, crystalline powder are common forms of the pentahydrate of sodium thiosulfate that are available. Sodium thiosulfate has a low toxicity. Keep container t ... more info

Concentrated liquid stop bath that turns purplish blue to signal exhaustion. Dilute one part concentrate with 64 parts water. ... more info

Kodak Kodafix Black & White Film and Paper Fixer with Hardener, Liquid, Makes 1 Gallon for Film, 2 Gallons for Paper. ... more info

Marshall Image Guard UV/Water Resistant Spray for Inkjet Paper 13oz. - Marshall MSIG. ... more info

ILFORD ILFOSOL - S is a general purpose, black and white film developer based on several modern developing agents. It is particularly suited to developing medium and slow speed films, such as FP4 Plus and PAN F Plus. ILFOSOL - S gives fine grain and excel ... more info

ILFORD ILFOSTOP is a low odour citric acid stop bath. After development we recommend that films and papers are rinsed in an acid stop bath to stop development immediately and neutralise the developer to help maintain the activity of the fixer bath. It is ... more info

17 oz bottle of Rapid Fixer (makes 2.5 liters) Ilford Rapid Fixer is a non-hardening rapid fixer supplied as a liquid concentrate that is diluted with water for use. It is easy and convenient to use in the temperature range of 18-40C (66-104F) for fixing ... more info

UNIVERSAL paper developer is a phenidone based developer supplied as a liquid concentrate. It is for use with graded and variable contrast papers on both a resin coated or fiber base. The 16 oz. bottle makes five quarts of working strength solution and a ... more info

A unique, non-phenidone based film developer offered exclusively by Photographers' Formulary. When used to process Kodak Technical Pan Film yields negatives extremely sharp and low contrast gradation Increases film speed by more than 1 full stop One bottl ... more info

Photographers' Formulary Cyanotype is one of the oldest photographic processes and one of the least expensive. Cyanotypes have a long full scale and distinctive blue color. The process can be used to produce a pale white image on a blue background or a bl ... more info

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