Top 20 Best Selling Chalk Drawing & Painting Supplies Toys (2021)

Two dozen dustless chalk sticks (12 in color and 12 white) will keep chalkboards full of bold, bright drawings and writing! This complete write-and-erase bundle also includes a wood-handled, professional-quality felt eraser to wipe the chalkboard clean wh ... more info

This bucket of jumbo sidewalk chalk contains 20 sticks of chalk. Washable, long lasting, and non-toxic, your sidewalk will become an artistic mural! Perfect for those spring and summer days. Chalk measures about 4 in length and 1 in diameter. Chalks in go ... more info

Quality chalk writes smoothly on most chalkboards. Makes clear, smooth lines and erases easily. Nontoxic. This Set Includes * Crayola White Chalk 12 Pack * Crayola Color Chalk 12 Pack ... more info

Low-dust chalk for use on most chalkboards. Makes clean, smooth lines and erases easily. Great for classrooms; can be used on most chalkboards. ... more info

55-3510 Features: -Handy three section paint tray for mixing sidewalk paint. ... more info

The ALEX Toys - Spa Fun, Tattoo's & More, Hair Chalk Salon Craft Kit, 738W lets your diva make her hair as vibrant as her personality! Glide on temporary color and add strands of shimmering beads to do up her do! Hair chalk can be applied to dry hair of a ... more info

60 pieces of non-toxic, washable blackboard chalk. Comes in a handy storage box ... more info

Children can let their creativity and fun extend safely to the outdoors with RoseArt colored Sidewalk Chalk! Sidewalk Chalk is brightly colored school-grade chalk that can be used inside on a chalkboard or cardboard and outside on sidewalks or playgrounds ... more info

Chunky triangular chalk is easy to grasp and won't roll away! Ten colorful sticks are great inside for chalkboards or paper, or outside for sidewalk fun. The unique shape will help develop the preferred grip for later writing skills. ... more info

A variety pack of 20 chalks with 2 plastic chalkholders. Create multi-colored artwork with just one stroke with incredible marbleized, dotted, solid color and rainbow chalks. ... more info

Crayola Colored Drawing Chalk 510403 Markers ... more info

Sidewalk Chalk. Create a huge splash of color on your sidewalk or driveway with Crayola Sidewalk Chalks. Draw big, colorful art outside in a variety of colors or use these chalks in Crayola's fun Sidewalk Chalk Tools (not included). This package contains ... more info

Add some cool effects to your big outdoor art and messages! The Glitter Chalk creates bold, colorful lines that sparkle in the sunlight. Plus, the Multicolor Chalk creates 4 bright colors with one stroke that simply sprays away with water for easy cleanup ... more info

Perfect for writing and drawing on blackboards.This special anti-dust formula in these chalks minimises the inhalation of dust. Designed to be strong, Crayola Chalk is less likely to break and provides a consistent colour throughout the stick. ... more info

This plastic holder features a removable cap with a chalk sharpener. Great for marking on darker fabrics for sewing. ... more info

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