Top 20 Best Selling Chain Oil Chemicals & Fluids (2021)

A synthetic grease for use on all chain driven vehicles including motorcycles, go-karts, and bicycles. Designed to be used in high speed and high load applications for protection that outlasts other greases. Wide temperature range from -40 degrees Celsius ... more info

Ideal for all types of exposed chains Penetrates quickly Prevents rust and corrosion Reduces friction and wear Heat stable up to 500F (260C) 12 fl. oz., 15 oz. net weight 12 per case; sold each ... more info

Motul Motorcycle Chain Clean - 9.8 oz; Removes all encrusted deposits, including sand, dirt, oil and grease; Formulated without chlorine; 9.8 oz. can;  sold each; ... more info

Introducing the Cameleon Electronic, Automatic Chain Oiler. This revolutionary designed product will put an end to manual lubrication. Easy to install, sleek design feature and sold Worldwide for all chain driven motor vehicles. This cost effective devi ... more info

BEL-RAY Blue Tac Chain Lube is the ultimate chain lubricant for all street, off-road and racing motorcycle chain applications. � Suitable for all�'O', 'X' and 'Z' ring chains Uniquely designed for optimum adherence Reduces wear and improves sprocket l ... more info

Super degreaser for chainsFormulated without chlorine. ... more info

BEL-RAY�Super Clean Chain Lube is an aerosol chain lube that utilizes the the latest innovations in chain lubricant technologies for street, off-road or racing. Unsurpassed anti-wear protection Resists�dirt, sand or grit Specially formulated for optim ... more info

Special white lubricant strengthened with Teflon Fully synthetic formula protects against chain and sprocket wear Outstanding adhesion to all motorcycle chains, especially X-ring and O-ring Waterproof and stable in high temperatures Resistant to fling off ... more info

Polaris Chain Lubricant provides superior anti-wear and shock protection for extended chain and sprocket life. ... more info

Advanced race proven formula designed for both on and off-road applications. Ultimate protection for your drive system from rust, corrosion, and premature wear. ... more info

Motul Chain Lube Colorless and sticky lubricant designed for road bikes. Compatible with O-ring, X-ring, and Z-ring chains, water and salt resistant. Very strong tack to adhere to chain even at high speeds. Protects against corrosion and extends chain lif ... more info

12 OZ CHAIN & CABLE FLUID AEROSOL Superior penetrating oilA cleansing non-gumming oilLubricates wire rope, chains, cables, any moving metal surfacesPrevents rust and corrosionProtects brightwork, loosens rusty nuts and boltsIdeal for tapping and drilling ... more info

Fully synthetic clear chain lube, safe for modern X-Ring and O-ring chainsThe best chain lube for street and touring motorcyclesWaterproof and resistant to fling-off ... more info

BLUE TAC CHAIN LUBE The ultimate chain lubricant for all street, off-road and racing motorcycle chain applications. Also works great on O, X and Z ring units. Uniquely designed to resist fling-off even in high speed applications. Provides outstanding chai ... more info

Cameleon chaine oil. PolyAlphaOlifin synthetic oil. This Oil is the exact type and replacement for Cameleon Chain Oiler ... more info

Maxima Chain Wax 5.5 oz. net wt. (ea) for Motorcycles Exclusive Parafilm formula penetrates deep into the chain and sets up as a soft wax protecting the chain from rust and corrosion Lubricates from the inside out by drip feeding the pins and rollers& ... more info

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