Top 20 Best Selling Cello Rosin (2021)

Popular and economical, Sherman rosin has long been a standard for players. Quality rosin in handy 2 wood holder with cover. Available for violin/viola in light and dark, cello and bass. ... more info

Andrea Solo Cello Rosin 1/2 Cake ... more info

Melos Dark Cello Rosin is one of the world's finest. It doesn't contain chemicals of any kind or fillers like glucose or sugars. Each rosin type is especially designed for that specific instrument and season, softer dark for winter and harder light for su ... more info

Pirastro Cellisto Cello Rosin is made from a specific recipe of natural resins and other select components. It is slightly softer and stickier than Pirastro's Cello rosin. Cellisto rosin is mounted to a cloth with a convenient plastic holder and packaged ... more info

Handcrafted from root of tuja wood, with the precise, to-scale shape of Stradivarius's famed interior form. This box contains Bogaro & Clemente's own high-quality rosin, which is based on an old Italian recipe. ... more info

Larsen Cello Rosin is a medium grade rosin for cello. Special formula eliminates most of the allergy's normally found in most rosins. ... more info

This unique formula Solo rosin provides powerful sound projection, yet does not compromise on sensitivity for the soloist. It is also very forgiving without sound cracks on the strings under a high bow pressure. Power when you need it, sensitivity and exp ... more info

Pirastro rosin is being developed and produced in Germany with over 200 years experience. Pirastro cello rosin is specially formulated for use with cellos. ... more info

AB rosin is made in England and is an excellent dark rosin for all cello players. ... more info

The Kolstein Ultra Formulation Supreme Rosins are specifically formulated for the cello, offering strong, even adherence, long lasting power, and extremely low powdering. It has an indefinite shelf life made possible by a continual wetting agent in the fo ... more info

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