Top 20 Best Selling Cats Mice & Animal Toys (2021)

Another great toy from the makers of the Da Bird. The Cat Catcher Teaser Wand toy has a cute little mouse attached to a flexible braided wire and then connected to a 12 glitter wand. The mouse averages 2 Inch in length with a tail that averages 3 Inch. A ... more info

Catit Design Senses Play Circuit Hagen Catit Design Senses Play Circuit incorporates your cat's sight, sound and touch senses. Hagen Catit Design Senses Play Circuit is specially designed to entice, engage and entertain a cat while appealing to their natu ... more info

Cat Amazing is a one-of-a-kind interactive puzzle game for your cat. It's irresistibly fun, and the stakes are high - the reward is kitty's favorite treat! Cat Amazing has three difficulty levels to stimulate & challenge cats, even as their skills i ... more info

26117 Features: -Cat toy.-Fantastic feline fun.-Use them on a smooth floor.-Cat can slide them, flip them, roll them, bite them and carry them.-Contains four per package. Color/Finish: -Assortment of colors (Red, Blue, Yellow and Green). ... more info

Zanies庐 Hypno Mice Will Mesmerize Cats For Hours Of Playtime. Hypno Mice call cats to play with a playful rattling sound and bold colors entwined in a cool, swirled design. Measuring 3, they are the perfect size for both adult cats and kittens. Mice come ... more info

KONG Wubba for Cats are filled with premium catnip and have extra-long crinkle tails and rattle to encourage active play. The unique tails make a crackle sound that rewards contact and encourages continued play. KONG CAT WUBBA is specifically developed to ... more info

Play-N-Squeak Cat Toys Wee MouseHunter Kitten Toy Why Cats Need Toys Cats are natural hunters. Even when living with humans, a cat鈥檚 motivation to hunt remains strong. Playing with toys stimulates predatory behavior, teaches social skills and coo ... more info

Satisfy your cat's need for Exercise. The Loco!Motion is an interactive cat toy that doubles as a feline exercise machine. Chasing the erratically moving, fluttery feather toy provides physical and mental stimulation, and is just plain fun! This battery-o ... more info

Catnip cat toy sure to send your feline friend crazy. Cats love to bat, bobble and carry these fun catnip toys all over the house. ... more info

Play-N-Squeak Cat Toys Why Cats Need Toys Cats are natural hunters. Even when living with humans, a cat鈥檚 motivation to hunt remains strong. Playing with toys stimulates predatory behavior, teaches social skills and coordination, and keeps your ... more info

This is the exact same mouse you get on the popular Go Cat Cat Catcher toy, except it does not come with the short glitter wand. When Go Cat had me test the Cat Catcher before it was released, our cats loved it. The ONLY problem was in the length of the 1 ... more info

Catit Senses A full line of fun for your cat! The Catit Senses Line was designed to incorporate all of your cat鈥檚 senses while he or she plays. The products in the Senses Line include the Catit Senses Massage Center, Scratch Pad Center, Play Circuit, Sp ... more info

Sewn plush kitty with removable buckwheat packet inside to provide warmth and comfort to kitten or cat. ... more info

Do you want to reward your cat with something new? Bored of the standard feather on a piece of string? How about something unique, trendy and stylish? Our new range of luxury cat toys is just the thing!聽 Easy to store and attractive on the eye, our delu ... more info

Bouncing mouse is an ingeniously fun cat toy. Sure to drive your cat friend crazy. Fun to bat and bobble. ... more info

Skitter critters catnip mice is a tantalizing toy trio. this cat toy in the wild cats get all the stimulation they need from tracking the movements of predators and prey. domestic cats that don't hunt for food may need the burst of energetic fun that catn ... more info

Indulge your home alone cat's preying instincts with Play-N-Squeak Batting Practice. The tethered mouse is suspended from the top of a door and will dance and bounce with each swat of your cat's paw. The electronic RealMouse sound module squeak will kee ... more info

A bit of formal fun for your feline friend, Bowties are for special occasions, even if they do eventually end up under the refrigerator with your cats' other treasures. ... more info

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