Top 20 Best Selling Capacitors Ignition Parts Replacement Parts (2021)

Distributor Cap, Original Equipment Replacement, Installs And Operates Just Like Your Original, Distributor Rotor Sold Separately ... more info

Features cylinder shape, lug terminal type(2 + 4 Pins), polypropylene film, non polar capacitor.Applied to the starting and better working of sing-phase motor in 50Hz(60Hz) frequency AC power system.Widely used in air conditioner, refrigerators, generator ... more info

GE Genteq Capacitor Dual Run Round 35/5 uf MFD 370 Volt VAC 97F9834 (replace old GE# Z97F9834, 05706032, HC98JA036, P291-3553R, HC98CA036, HV98CA035, 97F9834, R100335-05, 89M73, HC98JA036D) 35 + 5 MFD at 370 volts ... more info

HONDAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)TRX3001989281ccHONDAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)TRX3001990281ccHONDAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)TRX3001991281ccHONDAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)TRX3001992281ccHONDAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)TRX300FW1990281ccHONDAAll-Terrain Vehicle (AT ... more info

Features square shape 2-wired mounting, metalized polypropylene film, it is non polar capacitor, widely used in ceiling fan for better starting motor to make blade work and produce wind. ... more info

Unit TypeAlternatorPart TypeCDI MODULEVoltagen/a/Dimension50mm L x 75mm W x 23.2mm H;BriefHondaTRX90 86cc 1993-05ESPEL1551 ... more info

YAMAHAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Grizzly 660 YFM6602002660ccYAMAHAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Grizzly 660 YFM6602003660cc ... more info

POLARIS All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Magnum 4X4 1995 425ccPOLARIS All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Magnum 4X4 1996 425ccPOLARIS All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Magnum 4X4 1997 425ccPOLARIS All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Magnum 4X4 1998 425ccPOLARIS All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) M ... more info

HONDAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)TRX400EX FourTrax 400 EX1999397ccHONDAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)TRX400EX FourTrax 400 EX2000397ccHONDAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)TRX400EX FourTrax 400 EX2001397ccHONDAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)TRX400EX SporTrax 400 EX2002397ccHON ... more info

YAMAHAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Blaster YFS2001996195ccYAMAHAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Blaster YFS2001997195ccYAMAHAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Blaster YFS2001998195ccYAMAHAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Blaster YFS2001999195ccYAMAHAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)Blaster ... more info

Ignition Condenser, Original Equipment Replacement, Restore Ignition Performance, Points Sold Separately ... more info

POLARIS All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Sport 400L 1996 378ccPOLARIS All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Sport 400L 1997 378ccPOLARIS All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Trail Blazer 1990 244ccPOLARIS All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Trail Blazer 1991 244ccPOLARIS All-Terrain Vehicle (AT ... more info

Unit TypeStarterPart TypeCDI MODULEVoltagen/a/Dimension60mm L x 27mm W x 22mm H;BriefYamahaHondaOthersUsed OnAddly Herchee 100cc ScooterGarelli F10 60cc ScooterGarelli First 50cc ScooterGarelli Peugeot 50cc ScooterGuerrero Magic Sunny 50ccHonda Vision SA ... more info

Cge 61B1D110189NCGR Motor Start Capacitor [Misc.] ... more info

HONDAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)TRX450R Sportrax2006433ccHONDAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)TRX450R Sportrax2007433ccHONDAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)TRX450R Sportrax2008433ccHONDAAll-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)TRX450R Sportrax2009433cc ... more info

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