Top 20 Best Selling Capacitance & Resistance Meters Electrical Testing (2021)

This ohm meter is 510 and 808 threaded. It reads from 0.01 to 9.99 ohms and is accurate to +-.4%. Simple and easy to use with 808-D and 510 connectors. It can be powered by 2 AA batteries (sold separately). ... more info

The Fluke 1507 digital megohmmeter is an insulation tester with five test voltages—50, 100, 250, 500, and 1,000V—for measuring insulation resistance to 10GΩ to indicate the condition of windings or cables in motors, switchgears, electrical installations ... more info

Test voltage combinations: 250V, 500V or 1000V. 1mA test current for megaohm range at rated voltage. 200mA test current for continuity range. Continuity test with beeper. Large, easy-to-read dual display with backlight. Data hold switch. Test button may b ... more info

40000 Count handheld LCR meters measures inductance, capacitance, and resistance quickly and precisely. The meters also includes handy functions such as data hold, Minimum/Maximum/Average recording, tolerance sorting, and relative mode. Measurement data c ... more info

JYE Tech capacitance meter DIY KIT ... more info

The LCR-800 Series are high-end digital LCR meters for component/material measurements, applicable to various R and D activities and assembly lines. The large 240 x 128 dot matrix LCD display provides ample room for two measurement items and setup paramet ... more info

The AEMC “Understanding Ground Resistance Testing” DVD and workbook is a short course for mastering the fundamentals of ground resistance testing, soil resistivity testing, and how to accurately read resistance-to-ground measurements. The course covers ho ... more info

This clip set provides complete solution to connect between on-board DIP8 and SOIC8 SMD IC to a programmer. So that to program the chip on board. The cable length is adjustable amount 40cm and 60cm with the included extension cable. It can be any length w ... more info

A portable, battery operated meter useful to every sound contractor or installer, this unique instrument will make measurements on 25, 50, 70, or 100 volt line systems. ... more info

The Fluke 1630 earth ground digital clamp-meter is a true RMS sensing, auto-ranging multimeter for measuring ground leakage current and ground loop resistance in electrical testing applications. The meter eliminates the need for an earth ground stake, so ... more info

The Megger MIT300 series insulation resistance tester measures insulation resistance, voltage, and continuity in electrical installations, building maintenance, and electrical testing. The average-sensing meter provides accurate readings when measuring li ... more info

LC100-A LCD display mode: 1602 Size: 81 x 47 x 30 mm ( L*W*H ) Measurement accuracy:1% Capacitance measuring range: 0.01 pF - 10uF The minimum resolution: 0.01 pF Big Capacitance measuring range :1uF-100mF/minimum resolution:0.01UF Inductance measuring ... more info

Voltage: 120/240 volts 3-Wire Amperage: up to 100 amps Type: Pass-Through, Single-Phase, 60Hz Data: Pulse Output - 800 pulses per kWh Model: EKM-25IDS This is a very popular product if you are metering your North American household power and you want a si ... more info

The Amprobe GP-2A ground resistance meter measures earth ground resistance, soil resistivity, and noise voltage to evaluate the safety and integrity of electrical systems. The meter has a backlit digital LCD screen that measures 73 x 65mm and includes an ... more info

Features: Brand new and high quality. Supply supply: +5v ,mini USB interface. Measurement accuracy:1%. Capacitance measuring range: 0.01 pF - 10uF. The minimum resolution: 0.01 pF. Inductance measuring range: 0.001 uH - 100mH. ... more info

The Amprobe AMB-45 insulation resistance tester is a digital meter that measures insulation resistance and voltage to help reduce shock hazards and downtime on electrical systems that include wires, cables, transformers, and electrical motors. The tester ... more info

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